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05-10-00 04:52
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Since the old board is down and cannot presently been Total synth II there was a brief mention of the plant hoja santa as a possible source for safrole.  Does anybody have any experience with it? The only experience I have is steaming fish in the leaves, although tasty not very informative.  I really was not sure where to post this so be kind if you can.  Any thoughtful comment is greatly appreciated.  BTW this stuff grows like crazy and spreads perniciously.

05-11-00 20:08
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What climate do these babies grow in? Are they a perenial or a annual?

I imagine they could be refluxed with ethanol or methanol even DCM for extraction then simply distill results keeping the fraction boiling at 232C.

Also known as antibody
05-11-00 20:32
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This company sells it.  The latin name is piper auritum.  Do a search on the web.