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05-16-00 18:25
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      24/40 or 19/22  Bookmark   

SWIM is about to get a distillation apparatus but he don't know if 19/22 or 24/40 is better for him.  He told me it was for small scale experiences. 

What's the difference between 19/22 and 24/40?  I'm not talking about the difference between the two size but the difference between applications and what you can do.



05-16-00 18:58
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Ah, not application but what you can do. In that case SWIMS should get 24/40. And for other reasons. 24/40 is truly the standard in the industry. Most other glass pieces seem to be so much more readily available in the 24/40 size.

05-17-00 04:18
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Attention non-US bees: don't buy 24/40 or 19/22. Such glassware is occasionally available, but those joint sizes aren't used often in Europe. Think 29/32. Or 14/23 for small scale.

(Chief Bee)
05-17-00 15:31
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I can agree that 24/40 is pretty uncommon, but not so with 19/22. I believe 29/32 and 14/23 setups should be completed with a 19/22 one to make sure one has a setup for every reaction size.

If I would have to use only one size setup, I would choose 19/22.

The cutest setups are about 10/20 in size, but they are so rare I've only seen two in my life.
05-18-00 10:17
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This cat that used to be a dog left me a note that said that 24/40 glassware was too big for the reactions he tried, especially distillation, unless you're distilling like more than 1L. In smaller volumes the cat/dog said the vapor tended to have problems. Remember as you distill to switch to smaller sized flasks as the volume in the distilling flask gets too low.

05-18-00 12:36
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the lizards on callisto seem to concur with the 19/22(occasionally labeled 19/38...go figure...)size....
the usage of that size is great tasting and less filling....
not as much waste and distillation column "holdup"....
but as has been mentioned not "everything" is available in 19/22.....
but then not "everything" is available in 24/40 either...
or 14/20 for that matter...

in 19/22 sets....
max size normally is 500ml flask without adapter...
swim found a 1l flask in "clearseal joints"....
swim has seen 5l 24/40 reaction flasks attached to an otherwise 19/22 sized "set" in dreamscapes that for all intents and purposes were fine in a dream within a dream....

just light on a beam.....

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05-24-00 14:30
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yes - there does seem to be a difference between the USA and the rest of the world! - size matters. In the UK 24/29 is a handy common size. 29/32 is rare - it usually has to be specially ordered.

(Hive Bee)
05-28-00 06:59
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Kids around here say 24/40 all the way!


06-01-00 11:05
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Same with Aus 24/29

(Hive Bee)
06-03-00 07:22
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One benefit of going 19/22 is price. On Ebay, 19/22 goes for lots less almost every time. It is a great size for short naps and small dreams. For the true microscale dreamer, the Kimble microscale kits are the cutest thing ever!

(Hive Bee)
11-18-02 16:14
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      question about 14/23  Bookmark   

what is the largest flask size that would be practical to use with 14/23 sized quickfit joints - for both distillation and reflux? some manufacturers carry only small pear shaped flasks 20-50ml in 14/23 while others have them up to 500ml. is there any reason why a 14/23 setup could not be used with a 250 or 500ml rb? 
11-18-02 18:45
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      Blondie, you gotta think about getting that ...  Bookmark   

Blondie, you gotta think about getting that stirbar into the flask. Try having a 3l rbf with a 19/22 joint. Youwon't be able to get the proper size stirbar in there to stir it. Swim had this happen to him in the very begining. Bought all 19/22stuff and realized it's only good upto a certian size. 24/40 is a good size for your average bee.

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(Old P2P Cook)
11-18-02 21:43
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      Quickfit?  Bookmark   

14/23 sized quickfit joints
What is a "quickfit" joint? Is it the same as "Standard Taper"?

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11-19-02 03:16
      45/50 rb's n' condensors.
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11-19-02 03:20
      Isn't The Couch aimed for other B.S.?
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11-19-02 03:24
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      Sorry.  Bookmark   

24/40 is great if you live in North America.
(Hive Bee)
11-19-02 21:15
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      14/23  Bookmark   

Madmax and Pickler thanks for the good advice - seems like i am going to have to stretch the budget.

Terbium, I meant generic glassware with standard taper when i wrote 'quickfit' - however checking google i see that this is a actually a manufacturer. thanks for the clarification.
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11-20-02 03:27
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      You can use adapters for connecting together the ...  Bookmark   

You can use adapters for connecting together the different sizes.
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12-16-02 00:51
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      yes  Bookmark   

Hell just go ball and socket and eliminate the "size" issha altogether.wink

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12-16-02 06:41
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      Ball and socket ...  Bookmark   

have sizes also which still need to be matched up.

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