sTAMPy (Stranger)
05-22-00 07:28
No 7663
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There are relativley large quantities of THF & Dichloromethane in PiHKAL #100 >#109. Is there a way to recover some of these in the interest of efficiency.
Cheers and thank you,....again

(Hive Bee)
05-22-00 08:40
No 7699
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what is in the mix when finished?  you may just need to distill.

(Chief Bee)
05-22-00 20:54
No 7910
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Correct, just collect all the dirty washes, dry them over washing soda (or other cheap drying agent), filter and distill. Collect the fraction boiling at 40-43C.
05-24-00 01:43
No 8476
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Once again, thank you to you all for being so helpful. I hope to be in a position to be able to give a little back by helping others with thier inquiries.

Kind regards,