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05-31-00 18:22
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This new and forever growing thread is devoted to new literature relevant for tryptamine / lysergamide chemistry. Let's discuss these papers in separate threads for a better overview.

Heterocycles 51, 1131 1999 H. Sakagami, K. Ogasawara: A new synthesis of psilocin. A seven-step-low-over-all-yield-very-complicated synthesis.

J. Chem. Soc. Perk I 1045 2000 G. W. Gribble: Recent developments in indole ring synthesis - methodology and applications. Great review articel covering the whole modern indole chemistry. Someone (I forgot who) already mentioned this article at the old board.

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05-31-00 19:10
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Improvements to the Synthesis of Psilocybin and a Facile Method for Preparing the O-Acetyl Prodrug of Psilocin
D. E. Nichols, S. Frescas
Synthesis No 6, p 935-938 (1999)

Four steps from 4-benzyloxyindole in 79% overall yield. Also includes an improved synthesis of psilocybin from psilocin (hard work, 46% yield).
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05-31-00 20:13
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What about the book 'LSD 25 and Tryptamine Syntheses' by O. Snow ? I didn't like his book on amphetamines much but the reference section was good.


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06-11-00 17:22
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The new Psilocin/Psilocybin/4-acetoxy-DMT synthesis by nichols is now available at my site (Thanks Omnipage 10, the only thing I had to correct was Et2O and CH2Cl2, which was interpreted as EzO and CHzCIz).