apis (Stranger)
05-31-00 18:27
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      what is the problem with this tryptophan?  Bookmark   

Let's say that a man and his horse were attempting a decarboxylation of tryptaphan (20g ground from prescription tablets minus papery coating) in xylene (200ml) with diisobutylketone as a catalyst(5g) and this mess had been percolating at reflux for the last 12 hrs and the only change that was apparent to the scantally clad eye was that the formerly white undissolved and undissolving powder was now a less radiant shade of beige, what would you tend to see as being the likely source of this lethargy?

06-02-00 12:40
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Man and horse are now coming up on 60hrs. with little action.  The horse is sad.  The man is sad.  Could some impurity (magnesium stearate, cellulose, some whitener, or binder) be eating up the cattle-ist? could the boiling boint of xylene be too low at their foothills E. of Rockies locale?  Someone say something or at least send some oats for the horse. 

06-04-00 23:16
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Sorry I dont read this enough any more. It looked like xylene would boil too low. I never tried it though (not that I would anyway ;)  dont use DMSO either... try to get cyclohexanol (i think thats it) its the only one that I have read confirmed reports for...all others are problematic or not working at all... what method does your horse intend to use to make his special medicine...