alice_d25 (Stranger)
05-31-00 18:48
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Has anyone attempted to get Safrole out of the plants (Australian Natives) listed in the complete Safrole FAQ on Rhodiums page?

If so what sort of results were found, and which plants would you recomend?

Also is Piperonal Butoxide any use for MP2P prep'n?

Alice D25

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(Chief Bee)
06-01-00 07:31
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Piperonyl butoxide can not be converted into anything useful.
(Hive Bee)
06-03-00 19:02
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If there was a way to break the ether bonds in the side chain without affecting the methylenedioxy group you could use it for something.  Maybe they can form a peroxide easier than the methylenedioxy group and then the ether peroxide groups could be broken.

(Pimp Master)
06-04-00 03:38
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<edit> Never mind, I bite my fucking tounge </edit>