asake (Stranger)
06-07-00 00:42
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i've read jim dekorne method, but was hoping for something a bit more recent with less quesswork.

Am new to this also, so if you could speak in lamens terms and metric-that would also help

Also im a little confused about alkaloid levels and MAOI-some reading ive been doing seems to contradict others, so any input here would be great too

Thanks in adavance

(Hive Bee)
06-07-00 09:45
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use the search. Check the archive too.

06-07-00 14:21
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I cannot believe how many tonnes of phalaris grows around me.  Even my front yard has some! 

(Hive Bee)
06-07-00 15:53
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Same here. It is everywhere! Any place I look. All over the city. All over other cities. In the forest and country-side too! I have yet to do any experiments with it. I have no idea, of it's origin.

06-09-00 19:52
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DMT can be extracted from phalaris aquatica very easily.  Simply dry the grass (ALOT of it), powderize it with a blender (takes time, but necessary), soak the powder in 1N HCl for a few days (you may heat GENTLY, or just wait), filter off the HCl solution and repeat the HCl extraction twice more.  You will need a large sep funnel, or you can use the tube-syphon separation method.  Extract the HCl mix with some organic solvent.  Chloroform is good here, but Naphta (ligher fluid) will work of you can't get any chloroform, just make sure the brand you use dries without leaving a greasy film.  OK. Once you've extracted the HCl mix you must basify the solution with either NaOH or NH4Cl.  If you use NaOH, make a solution FIRST and add that, DO NOT add pure NaOH or you will destroy some of the alkaloids.  Once basic, extract again with the solvent to get the alkaloids out.  Repeat this extraction 3 times.  Combine extracts and evaparate to dryness (distillation is good if you want to keep your solvent).  Now this residue is not very pure, but you can stop here if you want and smoke this stuff (MAKE SURE IT's DRY!!) in a glass pipe.  It is better to redissolve the residue in 1N HCl again and repeat the entire procedure to ensure most of the crap is gone.


06-11-00 11:03
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Phalaris everywhere?
Anyone try it from local indigenous population????
Im very interested