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06-09-00 13:35
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well here we go again , just been reading back the old board and there was this argument between the rev and the lili .

it concerned the N,N-alkylations of tryptamines
(the breath of hope one)
, with the backwards sidedropped sn-2 reaction....
so it seems not to work for the methyl groups (according to grandmaster lili) but drone-san is convinced it works..
but i see no reason in it not working for  the N,N-propylgroups , the N,N-ethylgroups , the N,N-isopropylgroups...
or am i wrong

hoping to start another bitch of a thread...

06-13-00 15:35
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I simply don't know. Try it. Since ethylation of tryptamines gives about 30% (I forgot the exact yield) diethylated products in non PTC-reactions it should work. The ispropyl group is stericall hindered, maybe you will get only monoalkylation. I would use a polar aprotic solvent (e.g. DMF), a HBr neutralization base (e.g. K2CO3) and heat (n-propylbromide bp 70-71C). Post your results.

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06-13-00 19:19
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Yea, lets hear the results of your work. 
Im searching for a way to make a PTC, but if you can get away without that would be great. 
i just refuse to buy anything.  So im hoping the fairy godmother will bring me some.

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06-13-00 23:24
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Thanks Lili! I'll keep you and the other bees informed, should I be able to verify
this summer.

Ah yes, one more thing. AFAIR EtBr is an explosive when mixed with air at RT. Bee careful.


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