Birdman (Stranger)
06-09-00 10:58
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In past experiences, "DMT" extracted from phalaris has a "rough" character to it.  Personally, this was dismissed as 'just the way it is.' that is, having never tasted synthetically pure DMT.  After tasting the pure stuff, it seems that the organically extracted stuff is HARSH.  It seems to have a more physically debilitating effect, hard to breath, parallysis, etc. 

Supposedly, Phalaris has 5Meo-DMT as well, which has been described as "the DMT ride without the show"  no visuals.  Could it be that the presence of this compound is causing these ill effects? 
I remember reading that some strains of phalaris contain "less desirable alakaloids".. whatever that means.

Any imput on this would be appreciated.

(Hive Bee)
06-09-00 11:52
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I beleive most of the undesireable allaliods are hydroxyated, and or bufotenin.

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08-10-00 15:51
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Actually, my understanding is that n-methyl-tryptamine, the monomethylated semi-honey, is the main physiologically undesirable constituent, not only in Phalaris, but also in the Australian acacia wattles. This is awkward, because it is really hard to separate in an extemporaneous extraction. Heck, it ain't really all that easy to separate by chromatography, and forget fractional distillation.

There are several chemical methods of precipitating secondary amines in the presence of tertiary amines, and what they all have in common is that they have all, each and every one of them, slipped my mind at this very moment when I wanted to spout them out! Anyway, this would bee a very handy piece of knowledge to disseminate, especially to the Ozbees among us. When I look it up, I'll post it. The scheme is, to pull out the monomethylamines chemically, take them aside and stuff the missing methyl in. Then they could be combined with the other extractive, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, to double the yield. The 5-MeO reportedly isn't too bad a trip, just not super-psychedelic like DMT is. The n-monomethyl, though, is no fun, not a trip, and causes bad side effects. I'll get back when I've refreshed my amine sep principles.


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