foxy2 (Stranger)
06-11-00 10:13
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How does this sound? A friend of mine has access to some stuff and he was wondering if it would work.  He knows the yeild will not be stellar but thats ok.

Ok lets say
Safrole + KI + H3PO4 --> 2-iodo-safr(whatever)
you know what i mean
He assumes this step will give reasonable yeilds?

Add DCM and H2O, save DCM layer.  Then wash H2O with more DCM and save. Repeat.

Pull off/evaporate DCM under vacuume.

Iodo-Safr + NH3(anhdrous) -->  MDA + Junk

Distill off MDA fraction under vacuume

Acid/Base extract to remove any leftover iodo-safr

Dry final extract for pure MDA crystal

Any feedback would be much appreciated ;)

06-12-00 02:20
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No, it own't work. This subject has been thoroughly discussed over the years.

06-12-00 04:56
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Well have you seen the MMDA synthesis suggested on Rhodiums site?  This seems to indicate that such a scheme may work.
This very method is described when starting from Myristicin.  I would assume that Rhodium wouldn't put up to much bullshit.

06-12-00 04:57
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Oh yea. Which step will not work?  If i must refine it where should i look?

(Hive Bee)
06-13-00 00:25
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I don't know about the use of H3PO4 and KI, but I know that 48% HBr will work. 

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06-13-00 18:25
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You won't get HI from KI+H3PO4 without heat (60-80C), and channeling the gas through saf BUT SWIM tried once and ditched the shit because it has an evil suckback and was in one word messy. This is a good way to make aqeuous HI , but there are better ways to make anhydrous HI gas.

06-14-00 00:43
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Try looking into bromination with HBr, anhydrous HBr(g) is used in metal etching

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