drunkenmaster (Stranger)
06-15-00 07:26
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could one use dcm instead of dmf for the SO3?  would trichloroacetic acid be a suitable replacement for triflouroacetic acid?  it's just easier to find.

(Chief Bee)
06-15-00 16:59
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DCM would not be a suitable alternative for DMF. As for substituting TFA with TCA, I've wondered that myself for a variety of syntheses. One thing it may fall on is that TCA is a solid, and TFA is a liquid.

(Hive Bee)
06-18-00 07:50
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speaking of coupling, aldrich just released a new novel peptide (read lysergic) coupling reagent, its one of the DCC analogs, but they say the work up on this one is a dream.  I can't remember its name, so someone else might need to do the legwork.

07-02-00 15:53
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If you would like the same LSD high without all the chems just place 35-50 Morning Glory seeds in your mouth and swallow.(As long as they're not treated)

07-02-00 21:51
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To experience the full psychedelic effects of morning glory seeds would take at least 100 seeds and probably closer to 200 seeds if one is looking for a comparable LSD high.  These figures hold true for the most potent seeds analyzed.  Also, if one swallows the seeds without *thoroughly* chewing them then no psychedelic high will be experienced.  In this case the seeds will pass through the digestive system without being properly broken down for the bloodstream to absorb the desirable alkaloids. 

(Hive Bee)
07-02-00 22:20
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07-02-00 23:21
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I believe that I read that repeated use of MG seeds can lead to the shrinking of blood vessels in the extremities.  I am not talking about ergot vasco-constricters....lycaeum has a write up under the LSA section......

07-02-00 23:41
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I forgot to add my personal observations of what the morning glory experience is like.  Aside from the fact that the seeds taste like crap, the first hour and a half is spent (as KrZ stated) with agonizing nausea.  I've tried them on three occasions (~250 seeds) and each time it took a supreme act of willpower to stop from throwing up.  After this passed, other undesirable physical side effects set in.  I experienced cramping, blurred vision, and the feeling that I was being pricked with pins and needles every time I stretched my muscles.  I also came down with bad diarrhea.  After my last attempt with these seeds I went to sleep and shit my pants all night while sleeping.  I went through every pair of boxers in my drawer and thank god I was on my last pair by the time it had stopped. 

However, the experience is not entirely bad.  There are benefits to the state of mind brought about by morning glory intoxication, similar in many ways to LSD, but IMO the negative physical side effects outweigh the psychological benefits.  I understand that extracting the alkaloids in the seeds with petroleum ether and ethanol will yield an extract that eliminates these unwanted symptons.  Anyway, I've  already satisfied my curiosity with these seeds and have no plans to try them again.

07-03-00 00:07
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I've found that extracting the alkaloids with water and/or ethyl alcohol (everclear) works best.  Grind them up in a coffee grinder and soak them in the solvent for a few hours to a few days and when you feel they've soaked long enough then you strain out the ground up seeds.  I usually make a drink out of it with kool-aid or whatever flavoring is available and then add some sugar.  With this method there is no bad taste and I have never experienced any nausea with it, just a good trip.  This works well with shrooms too, or a mixure of the two, which is what I usually used to save my morning glory seeds for instead of taking them alone.