runnerr (Stranger)
06-22-00 10:27
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      MAOI & 5-HTP  Bookmark   

Has anyone tried taking a MAO inhibiter with a serotonin precursor like 5-HTP??

(Hive Bee)
06-22-00 15:08
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That sounds like an extraordinarily bad idea.  I think the result would be the potentially fatal Serotonin Syndrome.

06-23-00 00:33
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i know people who attempted somthing similar to this. they consumed 2 bottles 50t/100mg 5-htp, along with a split pint of chocolate ice cream and 2 hershey bars. the supposed reason behind this was to attempt to cause the brain to release n'ndmt and 5meo from the pit. gland. they told me that it was very trippy but in no way a trip. both vomited but neither said they felt nausious. they said it was euphoric with no visual changes, but "more like relaxed pre-trip anxiety" i was offered a chance to participate but cheerfuly declined. both claimed to enjoy the expereince other than the vomiting, but neither have repeated the exp.
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