jesus (Stranger)
06-23-00 14:06
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      the easiest way to AMT / AET / 5-MeO-AMT  Bookmark   

One doesn't have to think hard if one had a look at the 'P2Pol from acetaldehyd' thread to come to the following thought:

Tryptamine or Tryptophan --> Indole-3-AcH

Indole-3-AcH   NH3 --> Indole-3-AcH-imine

Indole-3-AcH-imine -MeMgI-> AMT or -EtMgI-> AET

for 5-MeO-AMT one obviously has to start with 5-MeO-I3ACH.

So what do you think, could this work ??

(Chief Bee)
06-23-00 17:27
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      Re: the easiest was to AMT / AET / 5-MeO-AMT  Bookmark   

I believe the easiest way would be to formylate the indole to the indole-3-aldehyde, and then react it with nitroethane/nitropropane to get the nitroalkene, then reduce it with LAH or similar.
(Hive Bee)
06-24-00 04:09
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      Re: the easiest was to AMT / AET / 5-MeO-AMT  Bookmark   

Not everyone has easy access to Indole, POCl3, NMF, EtNO2/PrNO2 and LAH.

But would it still work even if it's not your favorite route ?


(Chief Bee)
06-24-00 05:12
No 20857
      Re: the easiest was to AMT / AET / 5-MeO-AMT  Bookmark   

The indoleacetaldehyde is very polymerization-prone, and I believe the imine would be too.