LOONYTOON (Stranger)
06-25-00 14:29
No 21313
      Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

I'm back. Anyone know of any legitimate uses for any watched chemicals, especially sassafrass oil? It would be usefull to have a list.

Also, make sure you are clear about function and the amount needed.

Stupid people have it easy. (I made that up, aren't i clever? Don't answer that)
(Hive Bee)
06-25-00 18:22
No 21380
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Sassafras oil is used for its pleasing scent; in small quantities for aromatherapy.  The only plausible use for larger quantities would be the large-scale production of some kind of Root-Beer scented product.  There are other odd uses, but none that are useful as a story for buying the stuff.

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(Hive Bee)
06-25-00 19:22
No 21395
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Man, there are hundreds of uses for watched chems.  The trick is to bee creative.  Can you imagine how many times suppliers hear "aromatherapy, soap, candles".  I mean c'mon.  Act really dumb and nieve(sp) and say something like your takin classes to excerise your psychic ability to astral project and sass oil is used for chakra past life telekinetic aura distillations. 

06-25-00 19:30
No 21400
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Id have to agree there. Whatever you say, say it with conviction and they'll believe you.

06-27-00 05:56
No 21969
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

why dont you just say your buying the sass for soap making....  and then make soap out of it...  do that a lot of times... wont the DEA be shocked when they come asking about your sassy orders and notice that you smell so pleasant from washing yourself with homemade sassy soap...  of course you didnt use ALL your sassy for soap...  but they dont have to know that.


...this is your brain...
06-27-00 13:47
No 22020
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Yes, the feds are a bunch of idiots and you can easily outsmart them.

The prisons are full of people who thought that.

(Hive Bee)
06-27-00 17:36
No 22074
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Does anybody have a quick break down of making soap using sassfras oil?

It would be greatly appreciated!!



(Hive Bee)
06-28-00 02:15
No 22222
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i use the soapmaking story as well for sassy all you need to know is that you use lye and fat some ash and essential oils to make them believe u
happy soap making

(Hive Bee)
06-29-00 04:43
No 22634
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

i can dig it!

07-02-00 16:00
No 23922
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

If you don't look suspicious when you're buying chemicals then they shouldn't ask for a reason. They cannot decline your purchasing any chemicals just because you don't give them a reason.

(Hive Bee)
07-05-00 04:10
No 24874
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There is too much bs in this thread to let it sink.

Learn the diff tween Listed I chems, Listed II chems, scheduled chems, and watched chems.  Do this asap or you wont survive.

Sass soap usuall contains 8 to 10% of the oil.  You better sell alot of soap.

Ok, someone gets away with this soap making lie.  As soon as your supplier goes down, you will too.

ScuzZ,  WTF?????  Post 23203 (ScuzZ: "An Acquisition", Chemicals & Equipment)
That was you right?

And you should just delete your entire post here.  Your ideas of chem acq are fuckin completel wrong.  You not only can be declined, you can be arrested.

07-05-00 04:20
No 24878
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

Well, I don't know about being arrested for not giving a reason, but you can definately be declined. They don't have to sell you a damn thing if they don't want to, and it's in their best interest not to sell you anything if you can't provide an explaination for it, because they will be held liable if you misuse it. No company is going to take a fall for some dumb ass drug cook.

07-05-00 06:13
No 24900
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

If they use sass for soap making, then could you by this soap and somehow extract the oil? Where do you get this soap and how can you tell if it has the goods? Is this a dumb question:)?

(Hive Bee)
07-05-00 07:38
No 24911
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Look, the soap is about 8% sass.  WTF are you gonna do with that?

(Hive Bee)
07-05-00 10:07
No 24950
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Unob, yeah arrested.  You can get locked up in any state for having a List I.  It wouldn't be uncomman for a dickhead  supplier to call the authorities while he's weighing your chem.  List II ...I cant remember the details.  They[re is a threshold amount that can be bought but I dont know if you it's against law to own more than the threshold.  Scheduled chems.....most of'em.

All chems are watched.  Remember that.  Fuck a bullshit list that the feds admit to watching.  Bee smart.

07-05-00 10:13
No 24954
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Yes, owning them is against the law, but inquiring about them is not. Just asking if you can buy a chemical will not get you arrested. Although, as you point out I'm sure there are some dealers who will sell to you and then turn around and report you. But more often, that probably wont happen because they will get in just as much trouble for selling it to you as you would for possessing it.

But only an idiot would go into a dealer and ask for a list one chem anyway, and there are no idiots on the Hive, as we all know.

08-25-00 09:43
No 45010
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

Go to a university, look in the chem department library for a book on 'chemical uses'.
No I can't remember the title or editor of the one I used, but there is no shortage of them.  find the most common use.....  And, I'II bet that it's NOT soap making for Sassafrass.

Someone said there's a soap with 8-10% Sassafras oil in it...?  Let me at it (in my dreams).
08-25-00 10:26
No 45034
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!Really!?! and all this time I'm all sketched about that schedual 1 and DEA watch listcrazy.Sure, they will sell you the shit. Just fill out this form sir.....click! 
(Hive Bee)
08-26-00 23:09
No 45603
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Only a very small amount of oil is used as a fragrance. It's less than 1%. 8% oil would be a very powerfully scented soap.
(Stranger / Eraser)
08-27-00 02:20
No 45676
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I have found several canadian sources for sassafas oil. One even stocked three kinds: north american chinese and I think some kind of indian stuff. I asked the proprietor about customs and he seemed to think it not a big deal. I doubt the DEA or border patrol has the man power to open every UPS box that comes across the border. Canada seems to have overlooked the sassafras threat so far, anyone out there (like Canadians!) have any thoughts on this?

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08-28-00 09:07
No 46222
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

That'll change soon enough.  There have been numerous busts pasted over the media in the last 6 months. One article indicated that there was XYZ pounds of X found at a particle bust. Coincidentally, a company sells the sassy in almost the exact amount(slightly more than XYZ of course). You don't have to be a genius to figure out that they were talking about the sassy and what they'll be doing soon. But who knows.

Watching the sassy sales will be the easy part for them since there are so few companies that sell it here, if they choose to do so. The imports of the finished product will be harder to control since it is usually found by random inspections. It could take a year or two to write up the regulations to schedule it. When they do it'll be easy to know since its pretty easy to read between the lines of what these politicians say. They are really bad liars here. If its that much of a problem you could just get that other essential oil.
08-30-00 06:56
No 47003
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

ok, so you guys are telling me that because i ordered sas oil from a little essential oil shop somewhere in the sticks, that my name is on some government list now? 
08-31-00 03:21
No 47286
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

Speaking of legit uses, what would be a household or commerical use requiring small amounts of NaOH, and in particular, what would require the pure chemical as opposed to just Red Devil lye?  Soap making just doesn't pass the bill since lye is plenty sufficient for that purpose.  I've heard its used in photography but I can't find any references to exactly what for?
08-31-00 03:28
No 47289
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Just say you prefer to buy it in bulk especially if for soap making. If you had to buy a bottle of lye everytime you wanted to make soap, that would get costly. NaOH is really least of your problems compared to other chemicals you might have to explain away.

You could always put your lab grade NaOH in a cleaned out Red Devil bottle if you wanted.

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"Why thank you. I know."
08-31-00 22:36
No 47579
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You are being watched, unless you know who you are dealing with the companies here in Canda notify Customs who in turn drop a dime to the DEA.  You can get it here no questions asked in 20 litre cans but you better know your supplier.

09-10-00 20:33
No 50603
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

as far as lying to obtain some pure lye (NaOH)...
i've obtained it from a photography shop around the corner for years. they "know" what i use it for (at least i really do use some of it for this..). it is the essential ingredient in the traditional making of lutefisk. ok, cod is essential too...
so next time someone asks why u need pure instead of red devil tell em since it's for making l-fisk it needs to be PURE.

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09-11-00 05:10
No 50757
      Re: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

Fuck i just said two days ago that sassy is used to kill nits.
I just looked up an aromatherapy handbook to confirm it as i saw some at my local healthstore.
Cant anyone read here?!!!!!!

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09-12-02 06:04
No 355510
      Think, Plan, Dream, then buy  Bookmark   

I happen to know a bee that dreams of owning a hydroponic store with a large organics section, ph lowers, ph raisers, pool chems for cleaning, and a large natrual oil section for use as insect deterent for plants, he dreams of buying pure sassfras by the tin along with neem oil and garlic etc etc, he dilutes with safflower and sells lots....in fact his dream makes so much money that he no longer dreams of honey for money, just honey for the bees..

just remember Think, Plan, only then may you dream wink
09-12-02 16:27
No 355622
      Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  Bookmark   

      I don't believe in your whole life the situation would ever arise that you need to explain to a chemical dealer why you need pure NaOH instead of Red Devil Lye. Ummmmmm...chem dealers don't suggest that you use cleaning products in place of pure chemicals.
     Really, this whole bit about getting a story down pat as to why you need NaOH is kind of silly. Maybe not in other countries, but it is surely silly here. I mean it's used in almost every chemical synthesis on the planet. They would look like the idiot making you explain what you need NaOH for. I guess better safe then sorry, bit come on!

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09-14-02 14:42
No 356258
      HCl MIGHT be SLIGHTLY more suspicious.  Bookmark   

HCl MIGHT be SLIGHTLY more suspicious. Its used in masonary brick and path cleaning and etching.
If you have a swimming pool or spa then you say it relates to Ph adjusting.

just look around, does your place look like a lab or does it look like a messy workroom. Place things where they belong. 5 gal acetone and alcohol in a home is fine, that same amount lined up on a table in readinous...might make the murder scene look that much worse.
(Hive Addict)
09-14-02 20:22
No 356307
      Over here,any individual can buy every chem ...  Bookmark   

Over here,any individual can buy every chem except listed ones.Don't buy watched chems,make 'em yourself.

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09-14-02 23:05
No 356342
      Come on is this a joke?  Bookmark   

Are some of you bees for real?you all cant bee serious.True instructions for safely aquiring chems will never bee posted in totality.Those little tricks.If they were there would bee problems.So its all in your ability to explore the creativity and conviction you must posess.This isnt a playstation game here.This is for only a few.When a well known company went down swiw had no worrys why?because he was safe.Thats why.winkIt takes planning as previously posted.Dont call up some place and order multiple things think about it.Here are some of the problems the hive has created in sending bees out with a piece of the puzzle,and not enough proper procedures for safe aquisitions of things in an attempt to keep the watchful eyes away.It will all come in time threw study only and chatting with friendly bees.Swiw knew nothing before the hive but how to keep anyone from finding a trail.That was key the rest comes later.Before dreaming make your bed in other words bees.Here is swiws question what is the goal of this post to find out what you would tell johnny your doing with the stuff they werent supposed to know you ordered in the first place?Are you really serious about starting some hobby related to these things aquire permits,get tax numbers blah bla blah!If you were you wouldnt need to ask such things.Remember this takes a mind that can think on multiple levels unless you have 3 people.Can you take the pepsi challange?Remember if you can safely get from point a to E without talking to one individual personally your doing something right.tongue

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09-15-02 19:53
No 356577
      go east young man  Bookmark   

Often a trip abroad can yield surprising finds

you would be amazed at what manner of desireable nectar
can be had at a farmacie/herbaliste wink
09-16-02 00:57
No 356687
      If you want to be legitimate, be legitimate  Bookmark   

IMO there is no formula, aquiring chems is about being someone else that needs them as a requirement for their societally acceptable job.

So what does this mean?  Make yourself a list of what you need and research a project or synth that requires these items that lead to a legitimate outcome. Now bee, no I mean BE that person. Know what they think - they are an employee trying to do their job, waiting for the weekend to come, its all routine to them.  Without shame, without guilt, why? well if your still asking why your not ready. 

Its all in your style, you either have it or you don't.

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(Hive Addict)
09-17-02 00:50
No 357097
      Olive soaking  Bookmark   

Olives can't be eaten off the tree.  They have to be treated in a strong basic solution.  Of course, if you live
in Duluth, it's unlikely that you will have "raw"  olives
to process.

On the other hand, Bakersfield does..":<)
(or so I've heard)

Place olives carefully in container, cover the olives with a caustic soda solution (3 oz. of caustic soda to 1 gallon rainwater) for 40 to 48 hours (no longer), using a piece of flat, clean wood to keep them below the surface of the liquid. At the end of 48 hours pour off the caustic liquid, then cover with fresh rainwater and continue the renewing and pouring off of the water twice daily, night and morning, for at least one week (until all caustic soda is eliminated.) Do not worry if olive is bitter to taste...

(Hive Addict)
09-17-02 00:57
No 357098
      electro prep of NaOH  Bookmark   

two cell cooking of NaCl will get you perfectly good NaOH,
and good enuff HCl, thus eliminating (gasp!) the risks
associated with walking into a store and acquiring same..

If you think you will need conc. H2SO4, however,
 here in The Land of the Free, you should know
that there is some noise about removing that from
 EZ acquisition.

Now, in truth, THAT is a fairly nasty product to be "OTC"..

Wouldn't mind some fuming nitric though,
just to clean some pickle jars.
I mean Dewars and like that. 
who would use pickle jars!??!!blush

04-27-03 04:43
No 429688
      i am a canadian!  Bookmark   

yeah, sassy's a breeze to come by. most essential oil suppliers have a "inquire here for larger quantities" option on sassafras oil, and not on any others.
04-27-03 16:37
No 429753
      dimethylformamide  Bookmark   

Here I think it would be wonderful if one could enlighten us on a means of preparing dimethylformamide.  I wouldn't think it wise to go to a chemical supplyer and ask for a Litre or two of dimethylformamide so a means of 'cooking' the stuff up would be useful.

hoping for edification
04-30-03 03:48
No 430305
      just thought id add something to the database...  Bookmark   

just thought id add something to the database in case its not there... a while ago i was rebuilding my 2 stroke motorbike enigine and found it very difficult to clean out all the burnt carbon from the cylinder head. Mechanic told me to soak it in carbon cleaner over night...

Dichloromethane or methylenechloride is used for cleaning carbon out of engines... you need quite a bit of it too to soak a large piece of engine in it :)
05-01-03 04:34
No 430510
      also  Bookmark   

all allybenzenes such as sassy are natural insecticides. your a just a happy, hippie, tree-hugger working on an eviormentally friendly  way to kill bugs without poisoning the planet!
i believe this idea was in ts2 or sources or some such work of wisdom.

BTW, if you dont own these masterpieces your missin out bigtime.wink

!!!daed pu ekaw uoy neht dna...MAERDaTUBziFYL
05-05-03 11:29
No 431517
      RE: DMF  Bookmark   

As Megatherium once proclaimed, "Nobody makes DMF from scratch, this is a standard organic solvent" Post 429827 (Megatherium: "Nobody makes DMF from scratch.", Newbee Forum)

Nitromethane can be distilled from RC fuel however, if you are thinking about putting an M in between MD A. UTFSE.
(Hive Bee)
05-06-03 08:15
No 431682
      electro prep of NaOH  Bookmark   

what about the Cl2 gas produced? its the only safety issue I see. heh...

The Na would react

Na2+ + 2e ---> Na + H20 ----> NaOH

but the Cl ion will

2Cl- ---> Cl2 + 2e

The Cl2 will need to go somewhere, but the NaOH would be made :)

using NaSO4 would result in some NaOH w/o any gas evolution.

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.