C_Nemo (Stranger)
06-27-00 04:07
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i hope i understand the steam distillation process when dealing w/ substances that don't mix w/ water.

but what's the mechanics when distilling, say, a freebase of any sort of "honey"?

that's not a practical question, so i hope i've choose the right board for it...

Yours, CN

06-27-00 05:34
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You should go to the new bee forum to ask this , distilling  purpose is to seperate some chems. including water. look up Science on the web and ask that  especualy for high school! Not trying to be a smartalic!

just doing the thing, the making!
(Hive Bee)
06-27-00 13:18
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im pretty sure that he wasn't asking what distillation is

06-27-00 15:45
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Probly better in the Chemistry discourse but AFAIK If you had an impure mix of product/crap in water after a rxn you could steam distill the pure oil across by boiling the mix. The oil droplets come over with the water droplets leaving the crap behind. Steam can also be generated externally and piped into the flask via glass tubes. You get a very clean oil from this method w/out having to use a vacuum.  Hope this helps.

07-03-00 04:01
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well, lemme try to bee more precise: when you steam-distill, say, a myristicine from nutmeg, or something else that don't mix w/ water, the combined vapours pressure equals to partial pressures sum, when they reach atmospheric, the mixture distills.

okay, but that is'n true for things soluble in water, e.g. amines in freebase form. but they do steam-distill okay, even better than insoluble oils. i'm asking what's the mechanisc in this case? something with hydrogen bonds?

Smiles, CN

07-07-00 15:16
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I think that you will find that the amines in freebase form aren't water soluble (thats what is floating on top of your water).

I Think I Had A Dream

(Hive Bee)
07-07-00 22:24
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Isn't this principle called Reyault's Law, or something like that? It's described in almost any chem textbook.