LaBTop (Stranger)
06-30-00 10:01
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To pick up the thread again about Supercritical fluids, read these 2 links, and imagine yourself a semi-closed system with the possibility to pump your butane, iso-butane or CO2 round until you have extracted all the goodies, and THC is not the only possibility !
Take the JavaScript Tour of a Supercritical Fluid Extractor in nr 1. The last picture is the extraction vessel, it's a bit small for our malicious minds, but that could be remedied obviously for any evil batch you have in mind.
Note that temp and pressure can be changed to your convenience.
Be creative !

SCIMEDIA Supercritical Fluid Extraction
SCIMEDIA Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

06-30-00 18:08
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I do believe that there is only one decent way to increase the potency of the THC in your weed...

And that is to obtain any amount of Dried Ice, place it in a zappy bag (Clip top sandwhich bag) with the weed... And then place it in the freezer until the dried ice has disappeared...

06-30-00 21:52
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'scuse me?

(Hive Bee)
06-30-00 23:34
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I heard that if you pee on your weed, it makes it stronger.

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07-02-00 06:41
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I've had a brainstorm... The best way to extract more THC from your weed would just be to buy a vapourizer.
They may cost a little bit of money but they are way worth it.

When you smoke weed through a bong you're only getting 35% of the THC out of it. Then you're body is only absorbing 25% of that THC...
Easier way: Vapourizers give you 98% THC into the smoke. Letting you absorb more THC in a quicker time... Better and quicker stone.

07-05-00 14:37
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Apparatus for a Supercritical extraction of different alcaloids (from basified plant tissues) can be made with a low-cost. Liquid CO2 is taken from bottom of inverted CO2 tank, extraction chamber made from SS pipe(up to cca 500 ml capacity), folowed by reduction valve and thick-wall glass receiving flask.
This set-up does not allow recyclation of CO2 but is very simple.  

(Hive Bee)
07-08-00 00:02
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The most efficent way of getting stoned is not from a regular vaporizer but rather "knife ripping".  Take a gallon jug with a handle (Arrowhead water jug) and cut the bottom off.  Take two knives and put them on the gas stove until they are red hot at the tips.  Now take them off and let them cool for like 10-20 sec.  Take a ball of weed and put it on the tip of one knife and press the other knife on top.  Now, put it under the jug that your friend is holding upright.  Your friend sucks the vapors out of the opening at the top and gets much more stoned than that same amount of weed from a vaporizer ever could.  If you don't let the knives cool for a second, then it'll burn the bud= no no.  This is THE MOST EFFICIENT AND HEALTHY WAY TO GET STONED.  I have modified my jug with the cut off bottom inverted and stapled inside with holes in it so as to hold an ice chamber inside the jug and then this goes to a tube which bubbbles into a Snapple bottle with a bit of water which is where the hit is delivered. This is all so that the hit is room temperature and hardly felt when breathed in.  One last thing, the proper way to hit either the simple version or modified is to breath in through mouth and out through nose with deep breaths somewhat quickly.  This is so that you don't waste vapor that will be lost if you don't maintain an upward flow of air through the contraption.  The name of the modified version by the way is THE ULTIMATE CONTRAPTION.  Credit for the invention goes to Dope Amine and fliptamine the two sexiest amines on the planet. 

Try this method and I guarontee you will never find a better method of stonage!

Hell, I'm gonna cross post this in General.

something for your mind.......
(Hive Bee)
07-11-00 23:30
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Put yer weed in the Sucka tube (pat pend), a simple large TT wid a two hole stopper, one with a tube to the TT bottom: the other connected up to a tube through which you inhale.

As you heat the tt wid yer butane lighter, or whtever, the first volatilizations will knock you on your ass.

If it start actually smokin youve gone to far.

If you have good weed, the effect wil be like the finest hashish you ever had....