chilly_willy (Stranger)
07-03-00 06:57
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Has anyone tried inoculating sterilized rye berries with a claviceps culture??  This would seem like the ideal medium to SWIM...  Or better yet..just growing it out in a jar full of agar??  Would the fungus even colonize a jar full of agar?  MVS's method looks alright..but the preparation of his "liquid medium" seems like a pain in the ass.  Can anyone give any basic cultivation info besides MVS?  Ideas?  Refs. maybe??  Send Private if desired..

(Hive Bee)
07-08-00 06:11
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look up hoffman's works and then follow any related trails you find.  BTW, try rice patties.

08-11-00 23:35
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Actually Claviceps is fairly easy to work with. Its much more agressive that P. Cubensis. Just collect the fungi from a rye field. (Go collect NOW, its the best time right now). Search the rye in the vicinity of the field, as the fungicides usually dont get to these crops. Use the growth medium described at this link.

and cultivate, isolate, etc....
08-29-00 12:02
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your link doesn't work. Typo? Any idea?
(Hive Bee)
08-29-00 19:17
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OOPS... Sorry, now it did. Must have been there the wrong time.
Hey, its cool. In case Uemura could get the spores, he would re-activate his hood....