cheesie (Stranger)
07-04-00 13:02
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looking in the local store of ********* i spied an ignition sealent which had a sole ingreidient of toulene 150ml for 1.09, also sodium hydroxide comes in a can of wheel slik (dark blue) 2.99 for 500ml, matches(rp) come dirt cheap and iodine can be purchased at any camping place, this is posted for you in the uk

07-05-00 13:15
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if the rp from general matches are crap what could i source them off apart from aquiring them from fireworks etc is there any truth in the camping matches?

03-01-02 22:00
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Whats black and yellow and full of shit....?
A N**** bag......good source of MBRP.
Camping matches are good (thick striker pads) but very expensive........:(
(cheese head)
03-02-02 09:14
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Strikers have the RP, not the matches, but cheesie knows that. Right cheesie?

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