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07-06-00 16:17
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yep i knew it , i lost it...

so here i'll ask again :

I remembered there was a post on the DMTworld-bbs that had the work up on converting melatonin into 5-meo-T.
using KOH and glycerine
I think it was from our lovely long lost rev. Drone ..
but the board is gone and i lost my copy too.

so would someone please post the method or the refs again..

pretty please..

Me and I

07-07-00 01:21
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Niels+Bohr:  From U.S. 4,772,726:  42g melatonin taken up in 300g isobutanol. Add 30g NaOH and 3g sodium dithionite. Reflux 2h @ 105 deg. under N2. Cool mixt. ext with 500g water. Aqueous phase conatins sodium acetate and excess NaOH-seperate. Acidify isobutanol phase to pH 2 with 32% HCl. Concentrate solution to induce crystallization of 36g crude mexamine. Recrystallize from 96% EtOH to obtain 30g white crystalls of mexamine of 98.5% purity.


Thii is another post in the Hive. Anyway , mexamine or 5 MeOT is not a controlled chemical and you should not have problems to get it at a reasonable price.

07-07-00 11:30
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yes thanks a lot...i'l keep this one as back up
but by sheer chance i happen to have a surplus of Melatonin (about 50 grams) and lots of KOH , Glycerine i can buy at the supermarket..

so if anyone knows or anyone has the old dmtworld-refs please post them

thank you