Transform521 (Stranger)
07-08-00 01:23
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From an economic standpoint, it is not feasible for me to aquire a scale capable of weighing milligrams. Therefore  must use more basic means of measurement:

I know that if I dissolve 1g of foxy in 250mL of water I would have 4mg foxy per mL of water.

1. Do I need to use distilled water? Will this make my measurements more accurate?
2. I would like to facilitate transportation of my foxy by dropping it on to some sort of media (blotter paper, sugar cubes, ect). Have you tried this? Do you think it would be effective?
3. I already have the glassware. Where can I find a simple (cheap) pipet for measuring out 1-10 mL?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

(Chief Bee)
07-08-00 03:00
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You don't need to use distilled water, but it would be reccommended. Distilled/deionized water contains less stuff that will react with yuor foxy than tap water.
Blotter paper cannot hold so much substance that is required for one dose of Foxy. You better measure out a volume of your stock solution.
Pipets should be available at your local pharmacy for use as eye-droppers and similar things.
07-08-00 19:29
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Where can I find a rubber teat for lab-grade pipets?

(Hive Bee)
07-09-00 03:31
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You could just use your mouth you know.  That's what they used to do. They were very careful. cool

07-09-00 05:33
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Tryptamine bases are not soluble in water. Only their salts are (e.g. hydrochlorides).
But one can either use alcohol or acidic water (citric acid, acetic acid) to dissolve the base form.

07-09-00 09:41
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Yep, luckily I have foxy in salt form (5-methoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine hcl), so water should do the trick.

07-10-00 05:03
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If I were you I'd try to find a used or new variable volume pipette in the 50-100-250Ál range. They are very accurate. They might cost you 200$ new, but consider it a lifetime investment.
  Otherwise 1ml syringes are quite good for measuring amounts in that range.

Here's what I'm talking about:

(Hive Bee)
07-10-00 13:29
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Why not just get an eye dropper and a tiny graduated cylinder.  Use the graduated cylinder to determine how full the eye dropper must be for 1 ml.  Then you have a cheap portable dispenser.  I prefer weighing and puting in gel caps but you need a really good balance for that.

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