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07-09-00 01:13
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There were a number of posts on the old board about the glycine ->methylamine reaction...but no rightup on rhod's site!? (ref:search for 'glycine' by hellman under the old novel forum)

Was is a failure in the end? Inferior to current methods? yada yada yada...
A quick search of the new hive comes up blank as far as i can find?

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07-09-00 09:05
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i think the tide has turned from hexamine degradation to MeNH2 to the more elegant in situ Nitromethane reduction, alla MM's reductive amination.


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12-15-01 19:03
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I just had to bring up this old post. After searching endlessly for an answer to the question does this or has anyone worked a method to methylamine from glycine?

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12-15-01 19:52
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One advantage might be that you can get anydrous methylamine  in this process which can be used in alcohol solutions.  Post 108611 (dormouse: "methylamine via glycine(Amino acid) (Page 1) -hellman", Novel Discourse)

Here's an example of the decarboxylation process using sodium acetate to make methane.  Note also the process for making fused sodium acetate which is used in other processes.  I put the top of the next page at the bottom of the page shown below, too (under the footnote).  Try it out and tell us how it works.
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12-16-01 18:32
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Thank you PolytheneSam,

Some times it is like pulling teeth to get a stright answer out of the hive.
I have done an exaustive search priror to my post and do not have the time at the moment to experiment with a route to Methylamine when I already have  other ways to go. So I am to infer that NO ONE HAS HAD SUCCESS IN GLYCINE TO METHYLAMINE??? Ifyou have please post how it was done or PM me thank you.

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12-16-01 19:02
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As far as I have seen, there has only been discussions about it, and noone trying it out.