urnesto (Stranger)
07-25-00 20:21
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Anyone have information on how a person would theoretically go about Converting LSD crystals into liquid acid???  No, its not add water, H20 breaks it down.  Thanks for any help.  Urnesto

(Chief Bee)
07-27-00 13:53
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Dissolve it in absolute ethanol.

(Hive Bee)
07-28-00 04:38
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The lsd tartrate is water soluble, and any one making lsd would have it in tartaric form.  Thus water would work.
If water broke it down (into say an inactive form) what do you think would happen when you put it on your tongue?

07-28-00 04:50
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use distilled or de-ionized water (it is mostly the chlorine in tapwater that is rough on the fragile lsd molecule)... a bit of preservative or antioxidant or ethanol could be added if desired, as well...

don't you folks ever sleep?
(Hive Bee)
05-12-01 17:29
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it all depends on it's purity. if it's totally pure, it will dissolve in h2o for eternitiy(no light) if you are unsure of purity, shake it in a glass jar in the dark. if it glows(sparks) it's pretty damn pure. otherwize use ethanol...
i wonder if you use ethanol for gel-tabs and laying on paper?