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08-02-00 02:27
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This isn't really kitchen chem compatable, but I'm wondering about flourination of desirable compounds, yeilding things like  DO(triflouromethyl),
2C-(triflouromethyl),  and 3,5 dimethoxy 4- triflouromethyl phenethylamine and phenisopropyl amine.
for 2C-TF would one could a vilsmeyer rxn be performed on 2,5 dimethoxy 1 TFM benzene?  Or would the TFM group be too electron withdrawing.  Or perhaps start with 2 TFM hydroquinone in a basic solution, and do an ortho formylation, then methylate.  I've only seen two halogenation reactions, replacement of halogen by KF/ 18- Crown-6 ether, and replacement of a diazonium salt by flouboric acid.  Neither of those seem very applicable.  Any help or even interest in this topic?

try and ask the from a business account.

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08-03-00 06:59
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have the hive's world famous geniuses all died? 
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08-03-00 22:38
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I have tried a knoevenagel reaction with trifluoromethylbenzaldehyde. The yield was dismal in several attempts, and the starting aldehyde very expensive.
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08-04-00 05:46
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boner, so I guess that leaves a substituted acetonitrile reduction ala G_Pig?  Sounds alright to me, but its the synthesis of the aldehyde that I'm interested in.