pixieking (Stranger)
08-08-00 03:39
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  I, personally, have no business on this forum, I am in possession however, of a book released by Loompanics ( I believe they have published several of Uncle Festers works) authored by Prof. Buzz entitled " Recreational Drugs" . This book is definitely not beginners reading, but I have managed to stumble through it. Most of the methamphetamine formulas appear to be modifications to an already good product. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this work and if they could verify to its accuraccy, or even give an overall rating to it.
(Chief Bee)
08-08-00 14:41
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I don't think the book is especially good, the author don't know any chemistry, he has just copied blindly from journal references. And besides, all the good parts from it are already on my page.

08-09-00 13:46
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  Thank you, having little chemistry background (majored in physics like a geek a would) I do not have the required knowledge to make this assessment (no org. chem, and only 1st yr gen. chem... that damn lab class...once a week for 4 hrs just to watch filter drip...spent most of my chem lab hrs playing the ponys at Hollywood Park... hindsight is a MF). Your trusted and valued opinion is appreciated.