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08-14-00 18:50
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Ive read mescallito tedds ideas on extracting from phalaris.. basically i want about 10 pounds of dried grass, add something to drop the ph of some water on a stove..simmer over night.. (keep in mind the grass is pulverized as much as can be) then straining the liquid..and simmering the liquid to reduced its volume..then defate with np solvent.. until no fats are in the solvent layer.. then base with NaOH.. extract and evaporate? sound good? or are there any tips on phalaris.. i under stand tree root bark is better and more reliable but this ifor the phalaris people..thanks.

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08-18-00 23:09
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extraction of DMT from plant materials is actually very similar to the extraction of Pseudo from pills with the large exceptions/problems that the cellulose is not in crystalline form, massive volumes, and various levels of unknowns. 
several acidic extractions of the same material then pooling to work with liquid will ensure close to 100%extraction of goods. 
reduction of volume is almost always a must- just reduce to a workable volume as long as the mix doesn't begin to thicken.  If the volume has been reduced enough to be worked with or the mess has begun to thicken, start using various tecniques to clean out the larger molecules such as cellulose, and then continue with the process-  much cleaner product will ensue.
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DMT-extractions from plantmatter are not among the simplest of extractions. Note that Phalaris contains a lot of 5-MeO besides DMT and especially dried phalaris because directly upon harvest the DMT in Phalaris (and a lot of other plants) is converted to 5-MeO by enzymatic activity. Some tips:

- try another plant (Mimosa hostilis or acacia's)
- be carefull when experimenting with different pH values (especially with rootbarks because these contain a lot of resins that will produce trouble in extreme pH's)
- use fresh plantmatter and extract a.s.a.p. after harvesting

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08-19-00 10:04
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My suggestion is to pulverize the plant material first and a muratic acid extraction/filtration  first which will extract all the alkaloids [most anyway} and the water soluble salts and minerals into the water.  At this point do a non-polar wash, and throw away the non-polar.  Then do a tradional A/B extraction if you wish to further concentrate or isolate the materails

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03-10-02 10:55
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    Extraction of similar alkaloids from 500g ground dried fungal biomass via reflux of 1.5L methanol in a large soxhlet apparatus with 80% efficiency in 12 hours. Solvent recovered via distillation under weak vacuum. Residue developed in 500ml 1:5 Water/Naptha matrix. Polar water layer separated; nonpolar set aside for solvent recovery.  Water evaporated at 35C over calcium chloride yielding dark yellow, high viscous fluid in 2 hours.

    Even though an acid/base extraction could not be used to further isolate alkaloids I still estimate at least 90-95% purity. This can partial be attributed to the relatively simplistic organic makeup of mycelia in comparison to organic plant matter. Similar extractions using cacti have ended in a very long night of apparatus cleaning. Phalaris while more complex then fungal mycelia doesn't seem quite as "goo" oriented as cacti. I hypothesis that the product of Phalaris extraction by this method would be at least 50% purity and could be a/b extracted to >95%.

     If that's too easy I'm sure you can waste some time isolating the DMT derivatives to +99% but if I remember correctly from a Hofmann patent Tryptamines extracted from organic material often require a change in their ionic state before crystallization will occur.

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03-11-02 21:42
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Good work, Zen. Your modestly-stated "large Soxhlet" usage reminds me of a recommendation by Randolph_Carter of a Finnish juicer-extractor used to extract calamus biomass, another satisfied customer.wink

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