FreeBee (Stranger)
08-18-00 02:11
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      MDMA freebase purification via chromatography?  Bookmark   

Could some of you more learned chem bees please enlighten us to some potentially wonderful and simple techniques for purification and isolation of everyones fav free base via chromatography techniques (ie, selective adsorbents and solvents).  Since reading about the PTC from Iso purification, my brain is just buzzing with potential ideas....  please help the out a bit!
(Chief Bee)
08-18-00 02:53
No 42116
      Re: MDMA freebase purification via chromatography?  Bookmark   

Purification by chromatography is only practical on a scale up to about a few grams. Vacuum distillation is the only practical purification technique on a preparative scale.