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what is the best way to do lsa i got a couple recipes but if someone could tell me the best way to do it it would be great here are what i have so far please read and tell me what u think...and thanks for the info.

1.   I have realized the power of the Hawaiian baby woodrose. I received 30 grams of the seeds in the mail. After keeping 20 of the seeds to plant, I had 250 remaining. I decided to perform an extraction into alcohol of the LSA in the seeds. I put them in a blender to pulverize them, and washed the pulp with white gas to remove all non-polar soluble toxins (I believe that some of the nausea is reduced this way..?). I let them dry for 24 hours then poured some Bacardi 151 over them. This I let sit for five days then filtered and saved the 151. All told there was 130 ml from 250 seeds... so approximately a seed and two thirds per milliliter...

Well yesterday I finished my last midterm before spring break (the second that week...) and my love, A, finished a term paper and a midterm the day before. We had planned on taking this day to celebrate. We didnt exactly know how, as we had many options. After I got home from my midterm, I ate lunch and she came over. We decided to try the LSA, as neither of us had tripped on it before. I couldnt remember how much one was supposed to take. Id heard five seeds equals one hit (of standard 60 ug street quality) of LSD. A and I have a bit of a tolerance to other ergot-derivative products, so I put 8 ml of this mixture into each of our drinks, after asking her if this was okay. So 8 times 1 2/3 equals... between 13 and 14? Intensity equivalent to two and a half hits of LSD sounded about right. We drank our extract.

2...blender until they are a fine powder, and spread them out to

Soak the powder with lighter fluid or petroleum ether. Cap

the container to avoid fumes, and don't smoke nearby, or

you'll be very sorry.

In a well-ventilated area (neither ether nor lighter fluid are

good for you), filter the solution through filter paper in a

funnel. Discard the filtrate (the liquid).

Dry mash completely.

Soak mash in methanol (wood alcohol) for 2 days. Be careful

its vapors are poisonous and may be explosive.

Filter, and save the filtrate.

Soak the mash in methanol again a further 2 days.

Filter. Discard the mash, save the filtrate.

Pour both filtrates into a large, flat dish and evaporate in

the absence of direct sunlight. Sunlight will break down the

LSA. Preferably, perform ALL procedures in a cool, well-

ventilated place away from sunlight.

After evaporation, a yellow gum will remain in the dish.

Scrape it up.

To dose on the LSA, add some harmless filler (starch, flour,

milk sugar) to the gum until it is not sticky. Put in gelatin

capsules or take as is.

any help wouyld be great thanks..

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if you don't want to mess with flammable liquids, a crude extract of the ground seeds into distilled water (shake well a couple times, store overnight tightly covered in the fridge, strain or decant the water & drink; a second rinse can salvage another 10% or so...) most of the unpleasant alkaloids are not very water soluble... freeze the leftovers, i guess...
if you want the seeds as a source of precursor material for lsd synthesis, there's info at rhodium's chemistry page i betcha...

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SWIM has done EXTENSIVE clandestine research on this topic.  It's been found that the seeds should be scraped with a razor until shiny to remove the cyanide-glucoside coating, which completely refused to be removed by naphtha.  Then grind the seeds, soak in naphtha for 2-3 days, shaking as often as you can manage it.  There are many ways to take the LSA out of the dried extract.  The best working ones are to either soak the seeds in pure lemon juice with minimal water with swirling (NOT shaking, or you'll have a lot of saop in the final juice) for a few hours, then make standard lemonade out of that dosed accordingly (10-15 seeds worth).  Another much better way is to use tartaric acid to extract the LSA into anhydrous everclear.  The excess everclear can be removed with a vacuum until crystals begin to form. Then some mint extract (or sweet breath) is added to increase the oral sublimation into the body so it doesn't get destroyed in the stomach.  A few drops of this solution is plenty.  For preparation of tartaric acid, search one of my previous posts.

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