Dr_Duckbutt (Stranger)
09-22-00 15:40
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basically to make a long story short, the pH meter i was using was only for pools so only went down to 6.19.  i kept adding acid and it kept staying at 6.19.  basically i ended up with about 50-75% (by parts) muriatic acid in distilled h2o.  is a 50-50 ratio going to be too much?  how much muriatic should i use in one gallon of dh2o?  ive looked everywhere for pH strips and can only find the kind that go from 6.0-9.0.  if it is too acidic and too basic will it fuck shit up?

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09-22-00 18:05
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It would be helpfull in the future if you would tell us what the hell you are trying to do. But generally speaking, yes. If the pH is too low or too high for whatever it is you're doing, chances are you will fuck things up.

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09-22-00 18:10
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o, sorry.  im doing the mhrb extraction.  does lemon juice werk better?  what can you recommend as the best option for those of us that cant get strips or meters?  i looked everywhere for strips and could on ly find the kind for pools...

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09-25-00 12:30
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You don't need exact pH values. Strips are the best solution.
You don't need much acid. 10 ml of HCl conc. (or 40 ml of 10% HCl) per 1 l of water should be more than enough. 50 / 50 is by far too much.
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09-27-00 06:04
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umm i add ed a about 40 ml+ of acid to 200 to 300 ml of h20
fuckin is that too much acid man

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09-27-00 13:24
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I really hate pH meters. They're a pain in the ass. But unfortunately, strips don't work too well for this particular extraction since the acidic mimosa hostilis root bark solution is strongly colored (a deep, deep red color -- almost like a zinfandel). This makes reading a strip nearly impossible.

If I remember right though, you can tell when you've basified enough because the red solution will turn blackish on you when the right level is reached...

(that was my experience w/MHRB from BPC; never tried the stuff from JLF).

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10-02-00 02:51
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Add a small drop of the solution to be tested on the paper, and turn it around. Sometimes using a capillary works too. Try both pre-moistened and dry pH paper, and you will get a reading despite the solution being strongly colored.