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09-29-00 18:29
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I posted this in what I deemed a more appropriate forum, too, but I gotta know if any of you have any experience with this. If so, please share.

Oleic acid amide... oleamide, from the makers of Olestra (just kidding)

New fatty sleeping pill or candidate for entheogenicity? Whatever that means...

10-19-00 05:40
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oleomide is the amide derivative of oleic acid. it is used extensively as a slip additive (makes packaging films slippery) in polyolefin films. It has of late been superseeded by erucamide (yes the amide derivative of erucic acid) as erucamide is wholey sourced from the plant kingdom whereas oleic acid can come from beef tallow (certain religious persuasions find this unacceptable). i think oleomide is a C-18 chain with a double bond at carbon 7 and an amide on the end. pretty useless stuff really unless you are thinking of buying a filming blowing unit and competing with shell in the no-margins film market.
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