racemic (Stranger)
10-04-00 06:25
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Okay we've all seen the compressed hydrogen/catalytic reduction of Phenalanine around here. It seems cool that it works, or does it?, SWIM in a distant country would like to try it someday. However, tryptophan is also an alpha-carboxillic acid. Couldn't one simply catalytically reduce it as well? If this could be done, Wow!
(Chief Bee)
10-04-00 11:11
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In this case there is also an easily reduced double bond in the indole nucleus, so the same conditions won't apply. But a similar reduction of trypophan would yield AMT, yes.

10-06-00 08:03
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Thanks Rhodium! That explains why there is nothing on the subject. Guess I've got to study up on my organic chem some more.
(Hive Bee)
10-14-00 10:30
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Betcha could do it via Kolbe eletrolysis.
10-16-00 14:45
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I remember seeing a synthesis for a khat analogue from phenyl alanine in 1 step. The plucky hacker simply reacted his amino-acid with (CH3)2SO4. I forget the solvent. The result is that the acid group becomes a methyl ketone. You got a butane analogue with the =O beyond the -NH2.
 With this thought in mind, what would happen if one were to do the same with a different amino-acid? I do not know how active it may be, but it would be a simple thing for someone with dimethyl sulfate and tryptophan to check out.

 I think it's easy (if not safe) to make (CH3)2SO4 from SO3 by mixing with CH3OH. But where to get SO3? I remember certain hyposulfite salts will thermally decompose. I think:

Na2S2O7 --> Na2SO4 + SO3

I may be wrong. There certainly IS one salt. I think I am wrong because I'm sure it first loses water and on further heating decomposes to SO3 + something solid...

Someone plase remind me. You may think that the H2O formed when the methanol hits the SO3 would fuck things up, but not so. Keep below 14C and it's stable. I know because Vogel tells me to wash (CH3)2SO4 in water.

I guess throwing the amino-acid into this brew would do something?

Anybody think about this?

Mocket I Zulu
10-16-00 23:31
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maybe some have though of this?  heeh

um maybe try one drop of si-oh to reaction at up elevated temps not shure.  Good as an idea however there are several good ideas what about insitu disruption of karo's acid insitu of say a amphetamine sulphate????

10-17-00 09:45
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H2SO5 is sure nasty stuff. H2SO4 + H2O2 or H2SO4 + O3. Not things you want to do. I wondered about H2SO5 + allyl benzene to make ketone.
People know of khat analogue? I KNOW it is active, more so than khat. I read alpha-ethyl tryptamine is like X. What will extra ketone do? I think it would be legal and active at 100mg. I think tryptamines with alpha OH work?

Mocket I zulu