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have a few questions and a few ideas about extracting alkaloids from mycelia (ps cubes, grown on rye grain) using either pure methanol (HEET) or pure ethyl alcohol (200 proof bought from first off, i am assuming that either of these would produce the same results- both of them are anhydrous.
from what i have read, the mycelia needs to be dried- gottlieb says that this can be done in the oven. don't the alkaloids get destroyed by heat?

once the mycelia is dry and pulverized, it is mixed with the ethyl alchol (100g mycelia/10ml of ethyl alcohol) and left to sit for 12 hours at room temperature. is this correct? then the process is repeated 2 more times. the liquids are collected- the ethyl alcohol is to be evaporated away and the extract that you are left with is 25%-50% pure alkaloids. a standard dose would be about 10mg of this extract. (this info is taken partly from:

i have read about adding 5-htp (5-hcl?? dmt??) (do they sell any of this at gnc? how is it labeled? i know you can get it from jlf- just easier if you can get it from gnc) to the substrate. the mycelia then turns the 5-htp (or whatever) into psilocin. but will this happen before fruiting? would like to try the above extraction from enhanced mycelia, but if the conversion from 5-htp, etc to psylocin occurs when fruiting does then it doesn't matter. also, does most of the psylocin break down during extraction (with an extraction like this do you end up with more psylocybin than psylocin??). if this is true, enhancing the substrate would also be useless.

if someone can clear up which additive to use, 5-htp, 5-hcl or dmt- the easiest way to obtain each one and how it would effect the psylocin/psylocybin content of the mycelia that would be great. i have tried searching around for it in here- but a lot of the info seems to contradict itself. thanks in advance!

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100 g mycelia / 10 ml of ethyl alcohol: seems to be a typing error (?!)
Drying in the oven is no problem at temperatures below ~ 50C.

5-HTP = 5-hydroxy-tryptophan: sound like nonsense
5-hcl = ?
DMT = may have an effect, but there's no literature about effects on psilocin / psilocybin contet. But read: J. Psyched. Drugs 11, 61 1979 W. S. Chilton e.a. and J. Basic Microbiol. 29, 347 1989 J. Gartz.

Feeding tryptamine increased the psilocin (but not the psilocybin) content of Ps. cubensis (Planta Medica 55, 249 1989 J. Gartz).
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Don't ever go to GNC for 5-HTP they charge twice as much as anywhere else for it. It's also a 4-hydroxyl product we're looking for here right. Anyhow, adding tryptamine should increase the conc. of the goodies, as brought up in another recent thread. Adding DMT will greatly increase the psilocin conc. as stated by Shulguin (I'm sure he has references) in TIHKAL. It's also interesting that he says it's been shown that these mushrooms 4-hydroxylate all sorts of indole compounds such as DET,DPT etc.