dark_isotope (Stranger)
11-25-00 06:50
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SWIM told me about a recipe he found for converting DPT HCl salt to a smokable freebase.  The procedure began with an aqueous solution of DPT HCl basified with ammonium hydroxide.  Then the freebase was extracted with chloroform.

SWIM told me he was going to consider trying something different for the base, such as lye.  Would that be a bad thing?  I told him that ammonium hydroxide is simply kitchen-sink ammonia, and maybe he should just stick with that.  Am I right?  After all, lye is a lot more dangerous, no?

SWIM was also complaining about having to obtain chloroform, and thought that using naphtha (Ronsinol) as a subsitute for the extraction would be easier.  I told him to be careful with naphtha, for its flammability, but also to beware the possibility of decreasing the yield, damaging the product, or introducing impurities.  Any thoughts on this?  Are there other considerations to take into account when conducting an extraction with naphtha (specifically, with DPT)?

As I understand, DPT is not scheduled in the US, so I feel no worries about being curious...  I'm just worried about SWIM's safety, as he is a renegade wannabe chemist with no formal education and little respect for the delicate nature of chemistry. tongue
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11-26-00 02:25
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Either ammonia or lye should work. The ammonia needs to not contain any soaps. Lye is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and carbonate, it is good to make a saturated solution of the lye which will leave the carbonate undissolved. Methylene chloride (dichloromethane) is a good replacement for chloroform. Naphthas may contain high boiling components and be difficult to evaporate. Note that chloroform and dichloromethane are heavier than water and will be the bottom layer in the extraction while naphtha is lighter than water and will form the top layer.
11-26-00 23:04
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Thanks for the info!  Would you say that DCM is a better solvent to use than chloroform?  The best?
(Hive Bee)
11-27-00 06:51
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the naptha i've been around(the kind he mentioned) has never had any residue. it's still a shity solvent, looking back at all the dxm i extract when i was a teenager.

purge the info.
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11-27-00 23:23
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Yep. Ronsinol naphtha evaporates without a trace. Leaves no odor at all.
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11-28-00 09:28
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DCM is very nice because it evaporates very fast, i would say there is very little difference between it and chloroform for this application.  Chloroform is more difficult to get and worse for you. 
Go for DCM if ya can find it, you won't be sorrywink
11-28-00 10:38
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So I've heard from other sources...  Pool supply store?  Plexiglass store?  I've been needing to get something to work with this plastic sculpting I've been experimenting with lately. wink