PVnRT_NC8 (FMAN / Eraser)
12-07-00 04:18
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      next best guesse? preludin synth idea?  Bookmark   

Ok so as far as i can tell here is the pic too.....

ok now down to preludin...
Ok so adding adding um stuff in zima? not alchol but is the
yes i have it benzaldehyde:)

now there is a way to hook that up just lower than the ring and hooking up to the string there, I have it refed a while back for the reaction....anyways taking this for granted it happens like this some how.....

please at least disaprove the idea first by some tidbit of titlation first?  of course this will possibly entice further study?

give the poor guy a break he only gets off the first time anyways this need to continually explore new unfounded chems is insatable anyways, most salts between radon and argon allready explored anyways.