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Synthesis of 4 useful precursors such as Allylbenzene, Propenylbenzene, 1-Phenyl-2-propanol and 1-Phenyl-2-chloropropane can be synthesized from 3-Phenylpropylamine.

The 3-Phenylpropylamine can be synthesized by reductive amination of 3-Phenylpropanal.

3-Phenylpropanal is made from cinnamaldehyde (3-Phenyl-2-propenal).


PhCH=CH-CHO=========>>PhCH2CH2-CHO =====>>PhCH2CH2-CNH2

The 3-Phenylpropylamine is a primary amine. Primary amines form highly unstable diazonium salts on reaction with nitrous acid (HONO). The diazonium salt quickly loses nitrogen gas, and a n-propanyl carbocation ion is formed.
This n-propanyl carbocation ion is highly unstable itself and quickly undergoes rearrangement to a more stable carbocation; the sec-propanyl carbocation ion results.

The carbocations can either eliminate a proton, thereby producing an alkene, Allylbenzene and Propenylbenzene, or it can combine with a nucleophile for neutralization producing 1-Phenyl-2-propanol and 1-Phenyl-2-chloropropane.
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Hmm. Interesting.
So , about these, could this be usefull on this?

C8H11N  >==+==> C9H10O ?

I Know, an oldish one, but... hey  WDF ?

So,  why does Yin-Yang look like a Supernova  vis-a-vis .?