dark_isotope (Stranger)
01-05-01 05:59
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Could someone verify this procedure for converting DPT freebase to its HCl salt?

1) Dissolve DPT freebase in IPA
2) Acidify with conc. HCl acid (from the pool store?)
3) Dilute with anhydrous Et2O
4) Filter DPT HCl crystals off and air dry

In addition to verifying the general procedure listed above, I also have specific questions.

Step 2 is where the salt crystals are actually formed, correct?  Would this be an immediate and obvious swirling cloud like those Christmas crystal balls with snow in them?

I am guessing that there should be just enough IPA to dissolve the freebase, and enough HCl added until no more crystals fall out.  But what is the ether for, and how much should be used?  Does ether dissolve in IPA, or would the mixture form two layers?
(Hive Bee)
01-05-01 07:06
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The ether and IPA will dissolve in one another. I would guess that the ether is to dilute the IPA, making the DPT hydrochloride less soluble in the mix.

This procedure is straight from TIHKAL, pg. 428:

"... 1.14 gram N,N-dipropyltryptamine as a white oil. This was dissolved in 5 mL IPA, acidified with concentrated HCL, and diluted with 20 mL anhydrous Et2O to give (the) hydrochloride as a fine white powder. Yield was 1.1 gram ..."

Note that from 1.14 grams of freebase the theoretical yield of the hydrochloride is about 1.3 grams. The IPA-ether solution is probably retaining the rest.
(Hive Addict)
01-05-01 19:49
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So then evaporate your IPA/Ether to recover the 0.2 grams ya missed.

Hey Dark a while back you asked how to freebase DPT?
Was the freebase no fun?
Was it nastier to smoke it than snorting it.
I heard snorting it is super NASTY, some guy i know had to go in the shower and rinse his nasal cavity after that one, he said the shower was really cool tho smile

Happy New Year
01-06-01 00:56
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Thanks for the replies.  Yes, TIHKAL is actually where I found the excerpt from which I typed up the list of steps.

Would it be possible to eliminate the step of adding ether and instead just evaporate off the IPA?

And, yes, I did ask about the reverse procedure before.  I was just curious if it would be easier to freebase the salt or to salt the freebase.  SWIM wanted to experiment with different routes of administration and needed some of each form of the compound.  After finding sources for both forms, it seems to be less hassle for SWIM simply to acquire the freebase and convert a portion to salt, rather than vice-versa.
(Hive Bee)
01-06-01 01:11
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In contrast to most of the phenethylamines, tryptamine freebases are solids. Which means that if you want to eat them, it really doesn't matter which form there in, because both solids are equally difficult to measure if you don't have a good weighing scale. If you want to smoke things, you definately want freebase. Snorting: dunno.

(my experience with freebase->HCl, & HCl->freebase: lossy. If you have to buy dpt, buy the freebase and store it in the fridge.)
01-06-01 11:55
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But for IM, a water soluble product is needed, so the HCl salt is necessary.  Smoking is the other preferred method, requiring the freebase.  Therefore, both forms are needed for these two routes of administration.