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10-11-98 00:00
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yeah...einstein couldn't evn tie his own shoelaces when he wa i his midteens and beyond I guess he was not a candidate for lab or science work...

also as I once heard..
"you know they rejected Jesus too....and he replied youre not him"
dylan reminds me of the asshole's reply i just had to read from.
I was doing labwork years before you were eaned from you mamas tit "dude" to use the vernacular of your age. Last of my negativity
we all have to learn too..elt he newbies in on it, too. Or do we all have ot bow down before the gooddess of your wisdowm and suck up to you first. hell, I thnk not....but I humbly acknowledge the fact that Iam in the prescenceof such utter greatness and bow for one minute to acknowledge your godlike. goddess like quaities.
oh,please be  careful as I just shit in that area..must have been the fact taht I as so humbled that i lost all control..yeah right.

10-11-98 03:23
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bennie, bennie, bennie...exactly what is it you're babbling about here?


10-11-98 03:50
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Whoa ! My advice.....Pay much greater attention to filterin out that red P young fella, it is quite obviously not good for ya !Hematite.
Ps,rumour heard round town.....Stonium partakes in choofing of wacky weed!You didn't hear it from me though.
10-11-98 06:28
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Don't listen to Hematite, bennie. He's actually here "choofing" that so-called wacky weed with me right now! ;-)

Least I thought he was...shit, maybe I only imagined he was here. Hmm. It's just all so damn confusing! 

Oooooh, Hematite, where are you?
Ta' ya'll.


10-11-98 06:40
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Tried to tell ya that the sticky stinky little dense bits were a wee bit stronger than the leaves !
Regards Hema-wow man-tite.
10-11-98 16:28
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whoa! so sorry guys this was directed at soem guy who was getting on my casse for my poor typing and doing it in a personal manner....see I have c. excuse, but
it does hamper my typing at times on teh left side...
I didnot mean to start a new thread...sounds like I came out of no where with a haard on.not so..
I am fairly meellow..must have been that damned moonshine that night.
I am form the days wehn red phos was unheard of...although I have complete accesss to it from a pyro friend..woudl not nkow wht to do with it anyway excpet top make chlorate stars..
hell, in the old days.. a 3liter bottle of p2p was around 146 bucks.
damdn, good old days...

I do wonde rhwy peoplee use freon and such nowa days and is it the ozone depellting type or any type...the methods used today  byt others never ail to astound and fill me with
confidence that american ingenuity is not dead but LIVES! thru thes pc days!
later and

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10-11-98 21:29
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Did someone say Land shark ?
10-11-98 22:29
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Yea, yea, yea.
Love it! Like it!
I get a better buzz reading this mud, than doing the shit!

This place keeps me so, so happy,

10-12-98 04:12
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bennie - Ive just scanned quickly across your posts here and, true to form, they are more of exactly the same mindless rubbish that you have been subjecting us to since your arrival here.

So youve got cerable palsy eh?

Last week your excuse was that youd cut your hand.

I hate you and I wish you were dead.

Lots of love


07-19-02 08:16
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oh oh sorry pizza delivery[[blue]