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12-18-98 01:56
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A had a dream last night where I was opening a bottle of Polar Pure I had just received. To my surprise there were no pills in the bottle but these small pellets... then I woke up.  Can anyone explain this dream to me? Thanks,

12-18-98 07:49
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Uh...yeah. That'd be around 95% (or is it 99%?) iodine in those pellets - if that's what you wanna call 'em.


12-18-98 07:49
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Uh...yeah. That'd be around 95% (or is it 99%?) iodine in those pellets - if that's what you wanna call 'em.


    Dreamer Envy
12-24-98 19:59
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just curious what color do those tabs happen to be.  When going camping with friends they
stop by this military surplus store and pick
up these small tabs, they are dark but when ground up are orangish in color but when they get wet on your hand leave a dark yellowy stain on your hand. $1 for a small bottle, wax sealed.  Do these sound like the polor pure brand or the real deal holyfield?
12-25-98 00:58
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those little wax sealed bottles are the same as pota aqua. they are standard issue for personal water purification in the military.

they are NOT pure Iodine.


03-09-00 14:56
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      Re: Polar Pure  Bookmark you have to cut open these pellets to get the iodine out or what?
03-09-00 17:23
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The polar pure is ready to go...

Anything else will not work that I have found for water sterilization in the camping supply area.


03-10-00 01:10
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Most of the camping products are not pure I2 crystals anymore. More common is TGHP, or tetraglycinehydroperiodide. The package I saw claims that this compound is more stable in water, providing a residual antimicrobial effect.

Chemical water purifier tablets in general are hard to find at outdoor stores in the last few years. Most backpackers nowadays use filtration systems to purify drinking water, rather than chems.

Ellis D. Tripp

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12-31-02 03:16
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if you have polar pure you will not have pills or tablets. you will have a 3oz net weight glass bottel of 7-9 grams 99.5% iodine cryls. you can dream about taking a pair of needel nose pliers and pushing the black plastic collor that acts as a partical trap in to the bottol. that will make pouring out your ready to go OTC 99.5 pure iodine cryls. if you want to go on an amping trip make sure thats what you got instead of iodine pills.
01-07-03 06:27
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I have never understood why people don't just go buy i2.  I dream of buying I2 with ID made using a flatbed scanner, photoshop, and a color printer.  No problem, by the pound, and it's USP grade.  Easy, no risk, hassel free.

I would also suggest just ordering it but I wouldn't do that because the next 10 posts would be people accusing me of being a cop so never mind the ordering it idea.wink  Just use your common sence, and don't make accusations about me after being up for 10 days.  Thanks, I apprechiate it.

I really don't like meth, I just like the way it smells!
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01-08-03 11:46
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This guy doesnt exist? polar pure my ass. I seen Methinfo all over that title (polar pure) from a mile away.
01-09-03 06:08
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methinfo or not its is some pure stuff. its just so easy to get and no need for tinitures? if doing something small. just not any thing you want to have to get threw the mail. go somewhere and buy it. its not cheap but is totally OTC.
01-10-03 02:08
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I saw that post as well...  I know Im new and know knot but wouldn't a good friend with horses be something worth cultivating??? just a thought. but seriously folks, this whole otc thing has me whooped if you can buy the stuff otc what's wrong with ebay to a friends addy??? or even the polar pure mentioned in the post at m.i someone flame or not enlighten this poor confused new bee cause she is one very frustrated bee indeed

Pinky are you pondering what Im pondering?
I think so brain but do I really need two tongues??? ZOIT!!!
01-10-03 04:16
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a good friend with horses MIGHT bee something worth having. but cultivating new friends might only bee good if you can trust them enought to have them get stuff for you with out worrying if they would roll over on you if they got grilled by the cops. if you can get a source thats tight thats kewl.
reason OTC is better then ordering even to a trusted friends house is because you can only trust some one as much as YOU THINK you can trust them. even if they keep the lips zipped and don't have a clue what the fuck the officer is talking about. when ?'ed about the stuff that must of been sent to there house then stolen by some one. the cops could some how shape or form catch you beeing that "person" thats getting the stuff" BUT!!!!!! when you go OTC the min wage teen at the mall working the check out counter has no clue what you are buying or what you are using it for. and has no clue who you are. plus buying the pure brand is a let less mess to deal with then extraction your own cryls.
but a bee has to do what a bee must do to get there iodine.
so its depends on what will be best suited for you. i'd love to save on cost and order on line. but sleep better knowing there is no list,no address and friends i DO trust with my life will never bee woke up in the middle of the night and bee pressed by the pigs to give up any info.
01-17-03 01:03
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point take,
all to true a friend on a good day may not be such a good friend in time of trouble ... especially if they do know more than they ever should. everything Ive seen in the local constabulary is povidone same as the ickyness were trying to avoid in feed stock. <?> of course Im a stranger so Im paying my dues utfse and fighting with pink PM so I have a minute to ponder avenues of acquisition. a bee may have "friends" willing to trot down to the local horse fixer uppers of which in my neighborhood there are many. however, like stated above fears the slapback if trouble does come to town. Grrrrrrrrrr at least RP through tedium ad nauseum can be nabbed with little risk the I2 though.... I feel like pinky and everyone else is the brain *Narf... wondering about just that tech mentioned about ordering to a vacant addy and quickly removing the for rent sign and meeting the delivery boy at the door ... in my dreams of course....btw False ID's in these parts will land you in jail nearly as fast as an ill prepped dream
stay safe