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09-14-99 17:51
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      Aliquat 336/ other PTCs sources?  Bookmark   

Any OTC suggestions? Hopefully of reasonable purity... found a solution for cleaning surgical instruments that contains a really small percentage of benzyl tri-ethyl/methyl ammonium chlorides. If you boiled a gallon down (stability of PTCs?) you might get ~4 grams... not really OTC at all anyways. I rememeber something about Radio Shack record cleaner solutions having PTCs, details appreciated.
    Penis Seinfeld
09-15-99 03:01
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Radio Shack Record Cleaner is an unkown quat. ammonium salt + water and nothing more.


08-17-02 17:52
      Digging up old dirt...
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08-17-02 19:06
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No expert here but I would think you could pull it off in DCM with a quat. ammonium salt.  Nobody has published an easy OTC writeup for this. Dunno about this shit from Radio Shack, but the answer might be right under your nose, so it's worth checking out. Aniline HCl and Triethylamine HCl would make good PTC substitutions but the yeilds would be 25-50% lower.  Yeilds might also vary with this 'record cleaner'.

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08-17-02 19:16
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      Well,here's one..  Bookmark   

Read this,Post 314406 (weedar: "OTC Eugenol to Safrole synthesis", Newbee Forum).
It's an old post of mine,the most OTC Eugenol->Safrole synth
I've read,yet no comments.Feel free to rip it to shreds..
So,as a PTC in this reaction,would I bee able to pull it
off by using the salts in certain fabric softeners?And I
still haven't found a way of spearating the PTC from the


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08-17-02 19:26
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I've been Using TFSE for hours(not only today) and I still can't seem to find an OTC PTC.

Obviously, you didn't use the search terms OTC PTC in this very forum, or you would have found Post 91817 (neuron: "benzyltriethylammonium chloride", Chemicals & Equipment) Post 86695 (material: "OTC PTC", Chemicals & Equipment) Post 86697 (Cherrie Baby: "Re: OTC PTC", Chemicals & Equipment) and Post 86700 (Cherrie Baby: "Re: OTC PTC", Chemicals & Equipment) frown

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08-17-02 20:26
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Thanks lugh!

And back into TFSE I dive..


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08-17-02 23:31
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Pool disinfectant it is a liquid sold by the gallon and contains 10% of the standard disinfectant quant. ammonium salt.(the same stuff thats in 409 at 0.3%) I have said this before.

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08-18-02 13:26
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      applicable in Europe?  Bookmark   

There are so many products available in the US that are
impossible to find in Europe..
But thanks for your help foxy wink


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