Te Hokowhitu (Junior Member)
10-26-99 20:20
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Kia Ora (Greetings All) Katoa!

Hey this B flew into Saeco Brake and Transmission in Manukau Auckland NZ and saw a Black 1ltr bottle called Brake Lubrication. Damn Me if the Label stated Methylene Chloride. Does not say that anything else is in it.

By the way . Where and how does a b purchase the CRC Handbook and a reasonable Chem Text, like Vogels or somethin.

Anyway, having pretty much acquired all I need I am off for further studies in the Meth Synth.

Kia Ora Guys/Gals for your knowledge. I hear so many people saying to watch out for whats on the Net. I think it took about 5 minutes printing and a trip to the local library to verify molecular changes taking place.

Once one gets over the "Chemical" "Organic" or Molecular Nature of the world everything is so much simplified into patterns of cooperative energy. One Pattern cooperates with another and form a new one sometimes. How many people have trodden this path yet few will find the gateway for their own simple lack of effort. Humph

The Wizard Of The SouthSide!

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10-26-99 22:29
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DCM, Dichloro-methane, and methylene chloride are all the same thing.
10-27-99 05:35
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Walmart sells a product that lists methylene chloride as its ingrediant and it also says it contains less than 4% methanol.

Physical examination of the product lets you know instantly that there is more to it than DCM and methanol.  Rather than being a clear mobile liquid it is a slimy opague goo.

Simple distillation in a warm water bath yields 40-50% DCM and a boiling flask full of white plastic.

10-27-99 10:27
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Thanks Huffallimp, thats what I was wondering!

Remember it's all in your mind!

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10-28-99 03:24
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Hey Te Horowhitu. I've seen DCM being sold at most harware stores(eg Mitre 10)in various paint strippers at approx 80% + methanol+ some grey shit,you could probably use your still to distill the dcm out of it if you can controll the temperature.Are you using it for gassing,if so toulene can be brought for $12/litre at paint stores at 100%purity.Where did you get your red p?,hopefully not matchboxes-as 1340 shovel (bee) has used in his pressure bomb.Does using the hive make you paranoid,as the pigs here can sometimes(very seldom) be actually onto it?,and you must have realised by now the only kiwis with rights are murders and rapeists.Good luck in your studies,as you must have some money-or $$$$$$ student loan,which they will never let you forget you owe them .
11-02-99 19:06
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I have two copies of:

1999 CRC Handbook (new) for $100 plus shipping. Shipping to New Zealand will probably cost around $60 via UPS air.


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03-18-02 06:52
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Where and how does a b purchase the CRC Handbook and a reasonable Chem Text, like Vogels or somethin.
Most any book store should be able to order a copy of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry or Physics. Another good place to go is a University book store when a new session is just starting and the shelvees are stocked with textbooks.

Vogel's seems to have been out of print for at least ten years. It seems even hard to find as a used book. Most times when I search on the internet I can't even find one used. Last week I did find one from some bookseller in England who wanted 100 pounds.

Someone really should look into acquiring the rights to Vogel and issueing a reprint.