Atomicdog (Member)
01-20-99 03:56
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I saw a 1 gallon silver and red can at the wally mart today. It said fuel/combustable on the front and it was cloemans but it didn't say what the stuff was made out of. Is this the pet ether I've heard so much about? 
01-20-99 05:32
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Coleman Fuel (AKA "white gasoline" or naptha) is an acceptable substitute for petroleum ether in most cases. It does contain a small amount of lubricating oil, as a rust inhibitor, so a distillation before use would be a good idea. Use care with this stuff, as it is extremely flammable.

Ellis D. Tripp

01-23-99 04:26
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naptha? Isn't that stuff available at the hardware store in the paint section? If thats a good substitue for for pet ether then score!
07-25-02 13:51
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swim has seen at hardware stores moth balls that say on the label 'guarantee 99% Naptha' This is the same one would suppose, but in a solid form. Is it possible to convert this seemingly quite pure form of Naptha to the desired liquid non-polar solvent? And of course, How?shocked

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(Hive Bee)
07-25-02 19:59
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I think you'll find that's napthalene.Completely different!

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