timeless (Member)
07-14-99 04:35
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a few days ago i made some bromo propiophenone;
its like a wargas !! tears tears  (( i am still cleaning all my glasware to get rid off this shit;

is it possible to make iodo propiophenone from I2 and is this a teargas? maybe less volatile?

extracting ppa from otc slow release dexatrim  doesn't work, to much colloid

07-20-99 04:32
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Finally, someone in the know!  Just like war-gas! No shit!

You should have just cooled the stuff after synthesizing it and instead of isolating it and then just gone on using the same solvent you made your a-bromopropiophenone in for your substitution reaction.  If you do this under a hood, you'll be okay.

BTW, how did you carry out the synth for the a-bromopropiophenone?  Although I've never done it, the best way is to reflux propiophenone in with a suspension of CuBr2 in a 50-50 ethylacetate-chloroform solution for about five hours.  I've got references and everything to efficiently and safely carry out this synth.  I've even got ideas and references as to how one would synthesize MD-methcathinone and friends.  More importantly, I have very VERY serious warnings about methcathinone use that you should be aware of (particularly about the necessity of purification and such).

I'm so fucking exited about your effort and would like to discuss this further.  E-mail me at psychokitty71@hotmail.com or just feel free to extend this thread.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Chief Bee)
11-18-01 03:04
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Psychokitty: Do you still know where you have this reference?