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09-16-99 21:31
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caveat: I really hate posting questions to the chem boards at contribute to the deterioration of the SN ratio.  But I didn't find anything worthwhile in the search engine so... I guess I don't hate it that bad... bleah

Regarding Shulgin's reduction of the styrene to mescaline:  What is his soxhlet apparatus he is using? Is there a reason for this, or can standard refluxing work as well?

Also, can ANY solvent be substituted for ether in the extraction? damn if I don't have all the other common solvents near ether in the nearby polarities, but I refuse to purchase any more chems and distillation of it from Snap is out of the question for me.  DCM?  Toluene?  Chloroform?

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09-17-99 04:39
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Sorry, the way I read it I thought you meant the extraction through the soxhlet...
11-27-02 00:43
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Could something like this be used as the modified soxhlet extraction apparatus?  This particular soxhlet extractor has a tap at the bottom.  If this tap is open and has a tube attached which drains back into the reaction flask, would it do the job?

(Hive Adickt)
11-27-02 01:43
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C'mon a modifyed soxhlet is an ordinarry presure-equalised addingfunnel with a soxhletfilter inside and a condensor on top.
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11-28-02 02:12
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