02-29-00 19:08
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      Some patents...
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In the course of my quest for novel recreational drugs I came across some patents which might be of interest for those involved in the exploration of more traditional compounds:

Patent US2802865

Teaches the preparation of methcathinone (alpha-methylaminopropiophenone) by oxidizing ephedrine with sodium dichromate in H2SO4/water.

Patent US3282959
7-Chloro-alpha-Methyltryptamine Derivatives
Might be interesting for the friends of tryptamines.

Patent EP648744
Teaches an interesting way to split off an alpha-OH from a phenylalkylalkohol, using a borane dimethylsulfide complex. (Example 6, page 17)
(Hive Bee)
02-11-04 00:49
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      Look, you said redundant, but you have to have     

Look, you said redundant, but you have to have certain shit to view it and it is a big hassle.  My website is http://homebees.hopto.org  I took the time to convert it to adobe so it could be easily view.
(Chief Bee)
02-11-04 05:20
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Have to have what? All the patents linked above are in PDF format already. And if you use GetIDPL to download patents they are automatically stitched together to form a multi-page file.

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