dwarfer (Member)
04-14-00 09:42
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      Sand Trap pic: 1st run through ephedra  Bookmark   

04-14-00 09:47
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Even Osmium could make one: although he might burn himself with the hot nail used to make holes in the plastic lid.

JUST kidding Osmium.  <Slap>  POOR SPORT <KICK>  OUCH 

04-14-00 23:15
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dwarfer: My God, I am truly impressed! But what, no step-by-step instructions in "laymen's terms" to go along with the lovely graphic??? WHAT? Get on the ball, man!

You know, it looks absolutely beautiful where you live, or should I say, where you play. Heh, do you allow visitors there?

I'd gladly pay admission to see that sand trap thingy up close you know. 


04-15-00 04:02
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MMMM  the cost of Admission would be Intromission , fer U Stoney: don' make me drool like that.

I could show you my double wide hammock, strung betwixt 2 live oaks:

when the gentle  spring zephyrs wend their way among the overshadowing boughs, the sway of the aerial bed and imparted rythmic up and down motion gives thoughts to love, and caressing, and langorous lassitude;;

And even a thought to having the oaks tremble from yet another energy source.

Come, let us make the early acorns fall, and make the blooming Daffodils jealous


OOH but i must digress from congress

to address

your thoughts about lack of explanation.

See, your (ugh) semi-main squeeze Osmoidium had sneeringly stated how inadequate my words were to define the edifices presented here: this imparted to me about 60 days ago: begone, he said, until pictures you can post: otherwise you are a fraud and a charlatan.


Angrily I left and pictures were taken: and digitized just to present:

but the first one i posted he said " it was junk": and this gave me cause to resent!

But now i have got him
all pissed off and mad.

He's ignoring me
                just to be spiteful.

His chemistry knowlege
 makes him think of himself "rad"

But his motor skills!
              God, they are frightful!


Jealousie is, as jealousie does,
(his envy I must say appears Freudian)

But whatEVER the source
(I'll not take the blame)
He re-de-fines
          the word "BOZOdian"!  



<SLAP> ouCH  quit tha...<KICK>   DAMN don't <PUNCH>  HELP HELP


    randolph carter
04-17-00 17:12
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yo dwarfogen......
ain't the poke salad up there yet?????
i see a dead stalk in the background there.....
we've already had our first helpin of the tender shoots here.....about 1 1/2 weeks ago i might add.....

looks nicew there but a tad cooler than this plane of existence.....

good work from the macgyver school of synth....

randolph carter...
the perennial dream questor...
"remember, love is real(but so are gunz and ammo...), not fade-away, so, pass some on today...'cause it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel FINE!!!..."

04-18-00 00:19
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Hypothicially speaking:

I once filtered 6 24-hour, 240 mg psuedoephedrine pills using a 12 fluid oz. water bottle with a sports-pop-top, filling it with diatomius earth and putting two cotton balls in the stem.  I used 99% isopropyl alcohol and got a very clear looking  solution that didn't settle out anything.

Of course it took a while but I had things to do anyway...

Everything in this post is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to facilitate illegal activity.  I've done nothing illegal and nor should you.  In addition to that anything that appears not to have informational value, but instead implies something about my actions or anyone else is fictional and serves only as entertainment value.
If you are in violation of any law by reading this leave now.

04-26-00 00:23
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Actually these pics were about mid March:

Never made any "poke Salad" (Annie)

recipes invited.



04-26-00 01:19
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Damn dwarfer, the woo-master! 

I bet Stoini's moister than an oyster after reading that!

    the firestarter
04-26-00 02:15
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    Bozodian is the right choice of words,dwarfer.He just closed one of my threads because he couldn't take the pressure.Or maybee I uncovered a secrect identity he uses to piss in everybody off.Oh by the way,thanks for the picture,I've been looking for something easy other than coffee filters and paper towels.Good job!!!