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Just a couple of quick questions about the "Birch-Bear".
Part III: the Birch-Bear at Last:
Overview: Dissolve Lithium in IPamine, add freebase ephedrine, quench with H2O, recyclye
IPamine, crystalize product.

1)The IPamine MUST be anhydrous. Dry with CaCl2, etc, keep it air tight throughout the

(Add the CaCl2 to the IPA then filter?)

2)Dissolve x gram Li in 100mls IPamine. It turn lovely royal blue.

(12:1 ratio by weight of Eph. to Li right?)

3)Drip in the ephedrine freebase in 100mls anhydrous ether or DCM. SLOWLY!

(Over a period of how many minutes?)

4)Attach condensor. Cup the flask in the palm of your hand and watch it boil. Believe in
miracles. Nature wants you to cook speed.

(Reflux for how long?)

5)Chill mixture, add some H2O.

(To what temp? Add H2O until the blue color is gone?)

6)Reverse the condensor, distill off the precious IPamine to reuse.
(At 88 degrees?)