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unregistered   posted 07-15-98 07:49 AM           
Is there someone with a good dream (recepy) for making ketamine? I only have a patent nr: but this is so old that i cant find it.
Thanks in advance.
I think more people are thinking about this very special stuff. Am i wrong??????
Member   posted 07-15-98 09:31 AM          
I'll give you some references if you give me the ref to make methamphetamine from dl-phenylalanine and dimethylsulfate, OK. Lr/
Administrator   posted 07-15-98 01:29 PM          
1-hydroxycyclopentyl-(o-chlorophenyl)-ketone N-methylimine

To the grignard reagent prepared from 119.0 g of cyclopentyl bromide and 19.4 g of magnesium is added 55.2 g of o-chlorobenzonitrile. The reaction mixture is stirred for three days and thereafter hydrolyzed in the usual manner. From the hydrolysis there is obtained o-chlorophenylcyclopentylketone, bp 96-97C (0.3 mmHg). To 21.0 g of the ketone is added 10.0 g of bromine in 80 ml of carbon tetrachloride. 1-bromocyclopentyl-(o-chlorophenyl)ketone, bp 111-114C (0.1 mmHg) is isolated in the usual manner. Since it is unstable, it must be used immediately. The bromoketone (29.0g) is dissolved in 50 ml of liquid methylamine freebase. After one hour, the excess liquid methylamine is allowed to evaporate. The organic residue is dissolved in pentane, and upon evaporation of the solvent, 1-hydroxy-cyclopentyl-(o-chlorophenyl)-ketone N-methylimine is isolated, mp 62C.

2-methylamino-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-cyclohexanone (Ketamine)

1-hydroxycyclopentyl-(o-chloroohenyl)-ketone N-methylimine (2.0 g) is dissolved in 15 ml of decalin and refluxed for 2.5 h. After evaporation of the decalin under reduced pressure, the residue is extracted with dilute hydrochloric acid, the solution treated with decolorizing charcoal, and the resulting acidic solution is made basic. The liberated product, 2-methylamino-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-cyclohexanone (Ketamine), after recrystallization from pentane-ether, has a mp of 92-93C. The hydrochloride has a mp of 262-263C.

Ref: C. L. Stevens, Aminoketones and Methods for Their Production, US Pat 3,254,124

Member   posted 07-15-98 02:19 PM          
Talk to a customs broker, look in the east, no need to synth.
unregistered   posted 07-16-98 05:05 AM           
Thanks a lot Rhodium!
I'm going to dream about it and let you know the results etc.
Member   posted 07-16-98 09:52 AM          
Thanks Rhodium, there goes the one little chance to ever finding out if that Laborat had a good ref or not. Lr/
Member   posted 07-16-98 03:18 PM          
Laborat-I'd like to ask you on behalf of the entire hive to please explain the situation regarding the phenylalanine + dimethylsulfate refs.
If you have this ref, please provide it as it could be a valuable asset to our common goals. You see how the hive works: cooperation, teamwork, sharing.

If you made a mistake, then that's ok too, just say so. Believe me I've made a ton of mistakes too! Either way, please clear up and end the confusion regarding this issue.

Best regards.


unregistered   posted 07-17-98 03:02 AM           
O.K. sorry folks, my refs stand on a microchip and this tinny bitch is damaged. The problem is that i did the reaction i'v mentioned but i'm not capable to acces the chip anymore. I know the reaction did give some "product" but i'm not longer sure about the exact molecule formula. And i do know that it felt/actioned as speed. Again sorry for this disapointing answer, but i realy did hope that i could acses that dam'n chip. I spent realy a lot of time for that thing. Not on my home location, but in Brittan, and thats not were i live. Thats the reasen that this answer came so late. Hope you will forgive me. I realise that i fuckt it up on this way. Sorry sorry sorry.......
Member   posted 07-17-98 09:03 AM          
Which scientific journals are on that microchip? I bet I can get it thru the library if I can get a name or something, anything. I'll forgive you right away if you just gave us some concrete information, not just some vague directions. You don't like that either, do you? Lr/
cowboy henk
unregistered   posted 07-21-98 07:58 PM           
ketamine is sold (expensive tough) by
beachhouse, try that dude takes 10 bucks a g worked fine for me, just approach as a company...
Member   posted 07-21-98 10:48 PM          
Laborat: Check out Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals, in India. A British net-buddy recently purchased ~200 vials from them, at a VERY good price. And now he is putting these vials to excellent use in his vetinary practice...