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Author  Topic:   Production of iodosafrole 
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I was reading the push/pull synthesis meth synthesis on Rhodium's page and was thinking about its possible use on safrole.
To begin with a variation:

In one champagne bottle is dH2O, connected to another champange bottle containing red phos and I2. This bottle is then connected to a third bottle containing safrole in DMSO. The bottles are connected via automative steel tubes. The bottle with the DMSO has the tube touching the bottom of the glass.

To begin, raise the bottle with the water to let it flow into the red phos/I2 to make HI gas. Hopefully the HI gas will then flow from that bottle into the one containing the safrole in DMSO. A clamp should be placed between the water bottle and the red phos/I2 bottle to hopefully force the gas into the DMSO/Safrole.

This is only theoretical and I have no idea how much the ratios or proportions should be. Any thoughts>?