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Author  Topic:   Phenyl-2-Nitropropenes w/ HNO3? 
The Cook
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In my newfound love of electrolytic rxns, I see that NO2 groups are easily reduced thru Cathodic Hydrogenation in acidic media.
KNO3 and H2SO4 are always easy to come by, but I had little success with the N2O3 bubbling pugsley used to dream of. Anyone have any tips on this, or more specifically, could one 'nitrate' their favorite propenylbenzene in HNO3 then Reduce 3 O's rather than 2? Some refs I've seen show HNO3 forming NO2 groups, with the other O jumping to the acid. Has anyone successfully dreamed of either of these methods? Hmmmm...
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Someone told me that the problem is the HNO3 reacting with the benzene ring, sadly...