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Author  Topic:   Methylphenidate (Ritalin) manipulations 
Adam Bomb
Junior Member   posted 11-28-98 09:16 PM          
I dreamed an interesting question, last night:
Assuming that one had access to pharmaceutical quality methylphenidate, does anyone know of interesting possible changes that might enhance its potency?

I remember reading about a "reversed ester" versions of the drug, and--while *THAT* might not be possible from methylphenidate, itself--are there any other possibilities?

Thanks, in advance!

Adam Bomb

Member   posted 11-29-98 07:10 PM          
Where did you read of reversed ester methylphenidate analogs? Are you sure that you are not thinking of reversed ester demerol (meperidine) analogs? I don't think that Ritalin can be manipulated in any fun ways.
Adam Bomb
Junior Member   posted 11-29-98 08:00 PM          
Well, yes--to both. They follow the same logic for both methylphenidate and meperidine (demerol). I read about them in Shulgin's DRUGS OF ABUSE IN THE FUTURE and the DEA chemist's FUTURE SYNTHETIC DRUGS OF ABUSE (available in Rhodium's page). The Ritalin version vas Levo-Phacetoperane. I think the Demerol analog was MPPP.