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Author  Topic:   Want to Hydrogenate at atmospheric pressure? Read this 
Niels Bohr
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If one would like to hydrogenate at atmospheric pressure, when high pressure is called for, use a "vibro-mixer" instead of the old technology of Parr shakers or improvised paint can mixers.
Oh! What the hell is a "vibro-mixer"? Don't know where to get one? Improvise my friends.
Mine was fashioned from a vibratory case cleaner used by shooters to clean their cartridge brass. Just remove the plastic tub from the unit and replace with your rxn. vessel. Guaranteed to work like a charm to hydrogenate your favorite vegetable oil to powerful bee pollen precursor. It may not work best at just 1 atm., but a few extra pounds of hydrogen will probably work rather then 50+ called for in many reactions. Why play with high pressure if you don't have to?

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It is gass diffusion law. When pressure increases so will sollubility of said gas. Why do you want to increase Hydrogen in the first place is what I whant to know? I think it must be speeding things up, forcing the gass spectrum of this rxn foreward a bit. Is possible this is going to be a driving off of the oxygen as quickly as possible making the Rxn I suppose more or less oxygenless? Oxymorons run for the anode and hydrogens to cathode. This in turn exposes the carbon?